Composite decking surface is not slippery like a wood decking surface. It is because composite decking has an improved slip-resistant surface that keeps you standing even when it is wet.

This feature of composite decking is one reason it is better than wood. Wood decking surface is not slip-resistant and can make you tumble when you walk on it. 

What Are the Differences between Composite Decking and Wood Decking? 

Wood decking consists of 100% wood. Makers of wood decking use timbers they got from cutting trees down in forest to make timber decking.

They will treat the wood with chemicals so that it will be strong and resistant to elements of weather and insects. Also, makers of timber decking can use a hardwood like cedar to make a wood patio. 

Hardwood does not need chemicals to make them hard. They are naturally strong wood that will resist mother nature and insect attack. One thing about timber decking is that it loses its resistance over time.

Treating timber decking with chemicals does not mean that it will last forever. After using the decking for some time, it becomes susceptible to insect attack and mould.

 When this happens, your wood decking will not last. Composite decking is not like wood decking because it does not contain 100% wood. Instead, plastic wood decking consists of wood fibre and plastic.

This wood fibre and plastic makes the decking strong. Since they are recycled materials, composite decking conserves the environment.

 They are naturally strong patio material and do not need chemicals to be resistant to insect attack and mother nature. Also, they last longer than wood decking, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

Why Wood Decking Is Slippery And Composite Decking Is Not?

Wood decking is not resistant to mould and algae. What this implies is that mould and algae can grow on it. Aside from mould, other organic material can grow on a timber decking surface. The spots where they grow might be slippery when the decking is wet. 

Composite decking is resistant to mould and mildew. Also, the surface of the composite decking is slip-resistant. This surface keeps your foot to the decking just the way a tyre tread ensures the tyre does not slip.

outdoor decking surface is not slippery

Can Composite Decking Surface Become Slippery?

Yes, composite decking can get slippery if not taken care of properly. What this implies is that you must maintain your composite decking regularly. Composite decking is indeed resistant to mould and mildew, but the fact is that mould can grow on it. 

Also, pollen, twigs, and leaves decaying on your composite decking can create a bad condition that might make the surface of your decking slippery. When these occur, the spots they grow on can retain moisture and create a slippery surface when you walk on it.

 Aside from that, leaving things that you should have thrown away things like banana peels, fruit peel, and sticking substance can make the surface of your decking slippery. Also, the accumulation of ice on the surface of your composite decking can make it slip.

How to Ensure that Your Composite Decking Is Safe

To ensure that your plastic wood decking is safe at all times, you must do the following things.

Remove Dirt from the Surface

Removing debris from the surface of your composite decking is one way to keep it safe. Dirt, when they accumulate, can distort the body and make them absorb moisture. Make sure you remove leaves and pollen when they fall on your decking.

 It is essential so that they will not decay and can mould to grow on your patio surface. If you see mould and mildew growing on it, scrub the spot with a soft brush and soapy water.

Remove Ice from Your Composite Decking Surface

Aside from dirt and debris, ice can make your composite decking surface slippery. Ensure that you remove ice regularly with a plastic shovel. A metal shovel can scratch the surface of your decking, so ensure you use a plastic shovel. 

Remove Oil or Grease Stain

If oil or grease spill on your composite decking, make sure you clean the stain first with a rag. After, you can use a soft brush and soapy water to scrub the surface. When you have removed the oil or grease, you can rinse the surface with a power washer. 


Composite decking surface is slip-resistant and will keep you standing even when it is wet. You must ensure you maintain your composite decking regularly so that it will be safe at all times.

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