Homeowners are increasingly using decking materials to add beauty to the garden. A good decking does more than add beauty; it also increases the value or worth of the property it is installed. Few decking materials are available that can add beauty and increase your home value. Since wood decking is one of the most popular materials and is cheap, homeowners don’t want to switch to other decking types. Composite decking is a patio material that meet adds beauty and increase your property value. But wood-plastic decking is expensive. With the constant increase in decking material prices every year, UK homeowners wonder if composite decking is worth the money in the UK.

What Is Composite Decking Material?

This decking material is synthetic and stands in contrast to timber decking, which is made from natural lumber. Being a synthetic material, composite decking satisfies homeowners that love the wood appearance. It is because composite contains wood as part of its components. Engineers sometimes refer to composite decking as a wood-plastic composite because it is a composite material. As a composite, composite wood decking is stronger, resilient, durable and long-lasting. That is why composite wood decking is the preferable outdoor flooring material for homeowners that love quality decking. 

How Much Is Composite Decking? 

Composite wood decking is more expensive than timber decking. But the price should not deter homeowners that recognise quality patio material. When you purchase composite decking from a decking supplier, you will discover that the price is some pounds higher than the timber price. If timber decking is sold for £15, composite decking will be sold for £22 per board. This indicates that the price of composite wood boards is higher than timber boards.

 And if both deckings are of the same sizes, composite decking will cost more cash to build than lumber decking. One surprising aspect of composite lumber decking is that the price is not a disadvantage. Homeowners increasingly recognise the value of plastic wood decking; that is why the decking is in high demand. This makes composite wood decking worth the money in the UK. Several factors are responsible for composite decking increasing demands. 

Why Installing Composite Decking Is Worth the Money in the UK

Installing composite decking is worth the money in the UK for several reasons. 

Composite Decking Offers Transferable Value

Some homeowners may not mind the kind of decking they install in their garden. Other homeowners are used to the regular maintenance of timber decking and do not consider it a tedious task. But when you desire to sell your property, the kind of decking you install matters. Potential buyers might not see wood decking like homeowners that love it. Others might not enjoy the tedious maintenance of timber decking. So, homeowners that want a decking with transferable value should install composite wood decking. Your composite decking can make a potential buyer pay more for your property because of the beauty it adds to your value. 

Composite Decking Has Superior Durability

The superior durability of composite decking is obvious in its long lifespan. Also, composite wood decking is better resistant to the elements than timber decking and PVC. The outer shell of composite wood decking can resist moisture better than timber. This outer shell protects composite decking and prevent it from rot, swelling, and cracking. Aside from moisture, the outer shell of plastic wood decking protects the surface of the decking from the sun’s UV rays. This makes plastic wood decking colour stay longer than timber or PVC. Mould and mildew cannot thrive on the surface of plastic wood decking because of its protective shell. 

Composite Decking Has Assurance of Lasting Beauty

Composite decking is worth the money

The obvious benefit composite wood decking adds to a property is aesthetic value. No other outdoor flooring material has the attractive appearance of composite decking. That is not all about composite wood decking. The colour of plastic wood decking comes with an assurance of lasting beauty. You will enjoy your wood-plastic composite decking longer because the surface pigment is long-lasting. The UV rays of the sun will not fade your decking, making any potential home buyers want to pay more for a home that has plastic wood decking. Also, homeowners don’t have to paint their wood-plastic composite. 


Is composite decking worth the money in the UK? Installing wood-plastic composite in the UK is worth the money because this decking is easy to maintain, has a beautiful surface and increase the worth of any property. 

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