A composite fence is good because it is durable, timeless, and resistant to insects and the elements of weather. To best understand why a composite fence is any good, let us examine it closely.

A wood plastic fence is a material that is made of wood waste like wood fibre and plastics. The materials are recycled stuffed that would have otherwise been thrown away. 

This means that using wood plastic materials helps conserve your environment. When the wood fibre and plastic have been processed, the finished product is sold as a composite fencing panel.

This plastic wood fencing panel is the perfect replacement for a wood fence. Unlike wood that is not resistant to weather elements, a composite fence is.

Composite Fence Is Durable

The durability of a wood plastic fence lies in its strength. What it implies is that composite panels are very strong. This makes a plastic wood panel withstand external elements.

It is unlike a wood fence that gets damaged easily. Also, a wood fence has to be treated with chemicals to make it strong.

A plastic wood fence does not need chemicals. The panel is made to last.

Also, a plastic wood fence will last for up to 30 years if installed and maintained properly.  

Composite Fence Is Easy to Maintain

Another reason the plastic wood fence is good is that it is easy to maintain. Note that a wood plastic fence is not maintenance-free. You must maintain your plastic wood fence to make it last longer.

But the kind of maintenance you give a plastic wood fence is different from the kind you will give a wood fence.

A wood fence is similar to other wood materials that need sanding, oiling, sealing, staining or painting.

The reason for oiling, staining a wood fence is to make it last longer. This is because wood fences are not resistant to weather elements like rainwater, sunlight, and fluctuating temperature.

If the wood fence is not maintained, it will absorb water and rot. Also, the wood fence will fade when exposed to sunlight. Wood-plastic fence is not like wood. 

The maintenance of a wood plastic fence is simple. If you find dirt on it, just remove it with a broom or by spraying water on it. 

It will not absorb oil or grease because the surface has an extra layer of plastic that prevents infiltration.

Resistant to Insect

That a plastic wood fence is resistant to insects and weather elements is another reason it is good.

Since it is made of durable materials, a composite fence can not be eaten by termites and other bugs that attack wood fence.

So, your fence will remain the way it was when you installed it after you have used it for a long time. Composite will last long, even in insect-infested areas. 

With regards to resistance, your plastic wood fence will not rot when exposed to water for a long time.

Water, which is an element of weather, makes wood fences rot. But since a composite fence is impenetrable, it will not rot.

Another thing about a composite fence is that it will not splinter or warp when exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

A wood fence, on the other hand, will break or warp if installed in an area with changing temperature.

Composite Fences Are Beautiful 

Another reason to consider a composite fence as a good fencing material is that they are beautiful. The beauty of a composite fence lies in its colour. 

It is finished with a wide variety of colours, and you can get grey, brown, oak, and red composite fence.

is composite fence any good

Another fascinating aspect of composite fence colour is that it will not fade after you have installed it for a long time.

Also, a composite fence can be customised. You can get a fencing panel that has a wood texture finish. This makes it look like wood.

This will appeal to lovers of wood materials and make them switch from wood to composite materials. 

So, you have seen the plastic wood fences are good because they are durable, strong, beautiful, and require low maintenance. 

If you are considering installing composite fencing, so make your decision right away.

Also, composite fencing panels are lightweight and easy to lift up. This makes fencing your yard effortless. 

Aside from that, plastic wood fences are easy to cut to any size when building a fence.


Is composite fence any good? Yes, a composite fence is good because it is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

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