This question is very common among homeowners that want to install composite decking. Homeowners had longed to use wood decking for their outdoor flooring projects before composite lumber was developed by engineers. But since composite wood decking was developed, it has been gaining popularity. Hence the question, is composite wood decking strong? Before you select your composite wood decking, you should find the answer to the question. This write-up explains why composite lumber is strong and perfect for building outdoor decking.

What Is Composite Wood Decking?

Before knowing the answer to whether composite decking is strong, you should know what composite wood decking is to have a better understanding of it. Composite wood decking is an outdoor flooring material. There are several outdoor flooring materials available. Timber is one of them. Another outdoor flooring material is plastic. Unlike timber that is made of natural lumber, composite wood decking is a synthetic material. 

Engineers simply refer to composite decking as a composite or wood-plastic composite. From the phrase, you can effortlessly guess that composite wood decking contains plastic and wood as its material components. These plastics and wood are referred to as constituents. Like another composite, composite wood decking is strong. 

Creating a composite is to make a material that is better and durable than the constituents. Lumber is a tough material, but it is not as strong and durable as composite wood decking. Plastic is also a good material but on its own, or will not last when you use it to build decking. The combination of plastic and wood gives a material that is strong and resistant to water. 

Composite Decking Is Strong

Composite decking is a strong outdoor flooring material, and it will last long because it is durable. We mentioned before that composite wood decking is a composite, and like other composites, it is stronger and more durable than its constituents. So, if you are contemplating using composite wood decking, you should proceed.

Advantages of Composite Wood Decking Strength

That composite wood decking is strong, making it the perfect material to build an outdoor decking. Here are the advantages of wood-plastic material that will help you make your decision.


Durability is one feature of composite wood decking and is why you should select it for your outdoor project. A durable decking will last longer while resisting the pressure elements of nature placed on it. When you use composite wood deck g for your outdoor flooring project, you will enjoy the decking for as long as 25 years, depending on the brand and grade. Wood outdoor flooring will last for ten years, while plastic outdoor flooring will last for 15 years. 

More Resistant to the Elements and Insects than Wood

Composite wood decking is more resistant to insect and weather elements than wood or plastic decking. Wind, heat, snow, ice, and rain are elements of weather that can affect a decking material. Wood-plastic composite will not swell, rot, crack, break or warp when exposed to the elements. 

Also, the surface of composite wood decking is water-resistant and anti-slip, depending on the design you choose. Termites are one insect species that easily destroy timber. Homeowners have treated their timber decking with chemicals so that termite will not destroy it. But when they use their timber decking for a long time, the chemical will wear off, and termites will eat the wood decking. Composite wood decking will not get damaged by termites. 

Good for Multi-Level Decking

Thinking of building a doodle story composite decking? Then composite wood dealing is the right material for the task. Since wood-plastic decking is strong, the risk of dealing with collapse is not associated with it. Just install the foundation of the decking frame well and lay your composite wood decking on it. Then your multi-level decking with composite decking will be the best thing to add to your home. 

What About Open Garden Decking?

is composite decking strong

Composite wood decking is also good for open garden decking as well as balcony decking. Since moisture or weather will not destroy your decking, installing it in your garden will guarantee that your decking will last longer. The decking can withstand the weight of folks having a garden barbecue on it and children playing on the decking.


Is composite wood decking strong? Wood-plastic decking is the strongest outdoor decking material you can use to floor your garden. Plastic lumber decking is durable, strong, good for multi-level decking and open garden decking.

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