If you have a back garden in your home, and you want to make your outdoor space attractive, you can either use decking or paving. Most homeowners are confused because they don’t know the right material that they should use to floor their outdoor space. They don’t know if they should use a decking like composite decking or to pave their back garden. The reason for this is that one of the two outdoor flooring material is better than the other. So, is decking better than stone paving?

What Is Decking?

Decking is a type of outdoor flooring material that homeowners use to make their outdoor space attractive. There are several types of decking material available that you can use if you want to floor your garden. You can use timber decking, composite decking or plastic decking. These decking materials have features that make them unique.

What Is Paving?

Paving is unlike decking because it is made of concrete slab. If you want a fixed structure in your garden, you can pave it with concrete so that it will look attractive. Paving is made by mixing concrete with gravel and water. When the mixture dries, then you get your solid paved stone. Paving comes in different shape and sizes that you can install in your garden. 

Attributes of Decking

Remember that we mentioned that there are several kinds of decking and those deckings have various features or attributes. Let’s use consider the attributes of the various decking material and compare the best with stone paving. 

Wood Decking

This decking material is made from lumber, and it is a natural material. Makers of lumber decking treat their lumber with chemicals so that it will be strong and the lifespan will be longer. There are two types of lumber decking. The first one is softwood lumber decking, while the second one is hardwood decking. 

The latter is durable than the former if you want to build a wood decking. One thing about timber decking is that when you install or build it in your garden, it is not a permanent structure. It implies that you can easily remove your timber decking if you don’t need it again. This is one reason decking is better than paving.

 But if you are looking for the best decking material to compare with paving, wood decking is not the right choice. It is because lumber decking will disintegrate easily, and it requires elaborate maintenance. Lumber decking is not durable; that is why it will last for ten years. 

Composite Decking

Is Decking Better than Stone Paving?

Unlike natural lumber, composite decking is a synthetic product that its makers made from wood and polythene. Also, composite decking does not require chemicals to make it firm. The process of making plastic wood or composite decking takes place in a factory where they mix the wood and plastic with adhesive and heat the mixture. 

If you want an outdoor decking material that is better than paving, you should consider composite decking. Plastic wood decking is not a permanent structure, so you can remove it easily if you don’t need it. Aside from that, composite decking is attractive. This is another reason a decking material like composite decking is better than stone paving.

 When you install composite decking in your home, it will convert your back garden into an attractive space. You can build grey, black, brown, or oak composite decking, or you can mix different colours if you want. Another benefit of composite decking that makes it better than lumber is that it is easy to maintain. Aside from that, your plastic wood decking will last for about 25 years, and the colour will remain the same.

PVC Decking

This decking material is similar to composite decking because it is a synthetic material. Unlike wood decking and composite decking, PVC decking will last long. It is not a permanent structure, and you can easily build and maintain it. If you want a decking that is better than paving, you should consider plastic decking. But composite decking is better than plastic decking because of it longer lifespan, and it is an attractive pigment. 

Decking vs Paving

The obvious difference between decking and paving is that decking is not a permanent structure, while paving is one. Another difference between decking and paving is that a decking material like composite decking bis more attractive than stone paving. You can colour mix composite decking, but paving comes with only that ugly surface appearance. So, if you want an attractive back garden, you should build composite decking in it.


Is decking better than paving? A decking like composite decking is better than paving because it is attractive when you install it in your garden. Also, you can easily remove a decking which is, unlike paving, that is difficult to remove.

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