The response to that enquiry is not straightforward. It is because there are several kinds of decking materials. Those decking materials have their method of maintenance that makes them different from the other. Wood decking is one kind of decking material, and its maintenance process is laborious. Composite decking is another kind of decking material, and the maintenance process is easy. So, is decking high maintenance? This write-up will consider the various decking and how you should maintain them to know if their maintenance is high.

Composite Decking Maintenance

One kind of decking that is worth mentioning in terms of maintenance is composite decking. Composite decking answer yes to the enquiry – is decking high maintenance? Note that maintenance in composite decking is also referred to as cleaning. That is, to maintain your plastic wood decking, you have to clean it. Now another enquiry is – how do you maintain composite decking, and how is plastic wood decking upkeep different from another decking. 

How to Maintain Composite Decking

To maintain your plastic wood decking, you will need a broom, a cloth, a water hose or a power washer. You will utilise the broom to sweep the top of your plastic wood decking so that it will be clean. At times, dirt or mud from foot traffic will stick to the surface of your plastic wood decking. A broom is the best tool to remove sticky dirt and mud. 

After sweeping the top of your plastic wood decking with a broom, you can proceed to clean it with a cloth. When cleaning your plastic wood decking, you can soak the cloth in water to make it easier to wipe the surface of any leftover dirt. At times, you might not have plenty of time, and you want to do the maintenance of your decking quickly. 

The best thing you should do in this case is to use a water hose to spray mud or any dirt from the top of your decking. Note that when spraying your composite decking, you should spray along the grain of the boards, not the other way round. Aside from a water hose, if you are an expert, you can spray the surface of your decking with a power washer.

is composite decking maintenance high

 At times, mould and mildew can grow on the surface of your composite decking if you fail to maintain it properly. The best way to take away mould is to scrub the top of your decking with a brush. That is all about composite decking upkeep, and you can discern that it is not high. 

Wood Decking Maintenance

Unlike composite decking that requires simple cleaning, wood or timber decking upkeep is high.

How to Do Wood Decking Maintenance

 First, you must clean your wood decking with a broom to remove mud or dirt. After you will clean with fabric to make the surface shine. You can use a water hose or a power washer to clean the surface of your wood decking. These maintenance processes that we mention are just the basic. Aside from them, you have to paint or stain your wood decking annually to restore the colour. 

The reason for painting or staining wood decking is because of foot traffic. When you step on your wood decking surface, the paint peel and the decking loses its colour. That is why you should paint your timber if you want it to look good. So, to paint your wood decking during upkeep, you must sand the decking to achieve a smooth surface. 

timber decking maintenance

This process of sanding is difficult because you have to bend your back and strain your hand. That is one reason homeowners consider wood decking maintenance high. Aside from sanding, wood decking also requires sealing which you must do with a good sealant. All these processes combine with regular cleaning is what makes wood decking upkeep high. 

Plastic or PVC Decking Maintenance

PVC is another decking material that maintenance is not high. One thing about plastic decking is that it is similar to composite decking in structure and texture.

How to Do Plastic Decking Maintenance

To maintain your plastic decking, you have to follow the process of plastic wood decking. This means sweeping with a broom and cleaning with a cloth to make the surface to shine. Plastic decking, which is different from plastic wood decking upkeep, is not high.


Is decking maintenance high? Decking maintenance is either high or low, depending on the kind of decking that you purchase. Composite decking is one such decking that the maintenance is not high.

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