Do you have a back garden and want to make it attractive? Is your backyard rough and full of debris and you don’t know how to make it beautiful? If you answer yes to both enquiries, then you need composite decking in your backyard. But is decking your home a good idea? This write-up will address that question.

Why Decking Your Home Is a Good Idea

A back garden is a place at the back of your home, which can be small or large depending on your lot’s size. Homeowners can relax with their buddies or family in their back garden.

 Your back garden is the best area or place to have a barbecue or a party with your buddies. Since your back garden is a crucial centre of activity, then it should be attractive. At the time, erosion might eat deep into your yard and leave an ugly back garden for you. 

Also, grasses or weeds can grow in your back garden and make it less attractive.  These are the reasons why decking your rear garden is a good idea. But what material should you use to build a decking in your garden? 

Material to Use to Build a Decking in Your Home

There are numerous materials out there that you can use to build a decking in your back garden. One such decking material is wood or timber decking. Another back garden decking material is composite or plastic wood decking. 

Aside from those two, there is also plastic or PVC decking. Homeowners have used any of these decking materials to build decking in their home. But which of the decking materials that we mentioned is the best? Let’s take the attributes of the various decking materials one after the other.

Composite Decking

installing a decking in your home is a good idea

Building your decking with composite decking is a good idea. Composite decking is one of the most durable and strong decking materials that is also lightweight. Composite decking is also recognised as plastic wood decking. 

The reason homeowners called composite plastic wood decking is not far fetched. The material composition of composite decking is plastic and wood. Hence the name plastic wood decking. Composite decking has lots of attributes that make it one of the best outdoor decking materials. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is Durable

This is one reason why installing composite decking in your home is a good idea. When you build your outdoor decking with composite decking, you will enjoy your decking for a long time. The warranty of our composite decking is between 10 to 25 years, depending on the grade of decking that you purchase. Plastic wood decking is durable for lots of reasons. 

Resistant to Insects and Bad Weather

Another reason installing composite decking is a good idea is that it is resistant to insects and bad weather. This is why plastic wood decking is durable. When termites try to destroy your plastic wood decking, it will resist it. Also, rain and changing temperature will not affect your plastic wood decking. 

Composite Decking Is Aesthetically Appealing

Plastic wood decking boards are beautiful. You can create a contemporary or modern garden with composite decking. This decking kind has boards that are finished in different colours. You can get grey, light brown, anthracite grey, brown and oak composite decking.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is like composite decking because it has plastic as part of its material composition. But unlike plastic wood decking, PVC decking does not have timber as part of its materials. 


When you build or install decking with PVC, the decking will survive for long. This makes installing PVC decking a good idea. The lifespan of plastic decking is between 10 to 25 years. This is a longer lifespan compared with timber decking.

Resistant to Insect

PVC decking is resistant. When you build your decking with PVC, termites and bugs will not damage your plastic decking easily. 

Easy Maintenance

PVC decking is like composite decking, and you can take care of it effortlessly. When you build your decking with plastic decking, all you should do is use a soft fabric or broom to clean the top of your PVC decking.  

Wood Decking

Wood decking is made from forest lumber. There are two kinds of timber decking. There are the softwood and the hardwood timber decking. 


When you consider timber decking’s durability, you will know that installing it in your home is not a good idea. Timber decking will not last longer like composite and PVC decking. This is because lumber decking is not resistant to termites and weather.


The tedious maintenance of timber decking makes installing it in your home is not a good idea. You have to sand or seal your timber decking to make it look good. Also, your lumber decking needs painting or staining for it to stay beautiful.


Is decking my home a good idea? Decking your garden with good material like composite decking is a good idea because it adds elegance and boosts the aesthetic value of your back garden.

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