Are you contemplating installing composite decking or hardwood decking in your garden? If you are, you might want an answer to this question, is hardwood decking better than composite decking? Hardwood decking is stronger than softwood decking, but is it stronger than composite decking? After installing either hardwood decking or composite decking, which decking type will last longer and offer value for the money? These questions are crucial if you want to know if hardwood is better than composite decking. 

What is Hardwood Decking?

Hardwood decking is a type of wood decking that is made from strong wood. This kind of timber decking has more strength than softwood decking and does not need chemicals to stay strong. The other type of wood decking needs chemicals and will easily get damaged when it is exposed to the elements of nature. The lack of chemicals does not make hardwood decking susceptible to weather and insect. Homeowners that want to build a decking prefer to use hardwood decking because it will enable them to enjoy their decking for a long time. 

What Is Composite Decking?

This kind of decking is a synthetic material, and it is made from wood and plastic. Composite decking is a composite material, and like other composites, it offers a longer lifespan to homeowners that use it to install their decking. The decking is made in a factory where engineers combine the wood and plastic with an adhesive or bonding agent and heat the mixture in a furnace. Homeowners that want a durable patio should install composite decking in their outdoor space. This outdoor flooring type is not just strong; it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Is Hardwood Patio Better the Composite?

To know if hardwood decking is better than composite decking, we must consider the features of good decking material.


The durability of decking is one feature of good decking. If the decking is durable, then you can consider it as a good decking material, but if it is not, then it is not a good decking. Hardwood decking is durable, but it is not as durable as a composite patio. It is because hardwood decking will eventually lose its resistance to the elements after you have installed it under the sun for a long time.

Composite decking is a patio material that is made strong for outdoor flooring. It is because composite decking solves the problem of timber decking. Timber decking, whether it is hardwood or softwood, will absorb water or moisture if you install it in your yard. Composite decking solves that problem because it has plastic covering or coating its surface or top that prevents moisture from entering the board. 

This is one reason composite wood decking is better than hardwood decking. Water-resistant property in a decking material is crucial. We will discuss composite wood decking water-resistant property in the next heading. The durability of wood-plastic composite makes it last longer than hardwood decking, which is another reason it is better.


Composite Decking Is Resistant to the Elements than Hardwood Decking

Moisture is one destructive element of nature that affect decking. Wood decking will be destroyed when it is exposed to moisture. This is because moisture causes swelling, rot, and bending of timber decking. When you build your patio with hardwood decking, the porous surface of the decking will absorb moisture from the air. 

Eventually, your hardwood decking board will be saturated with moisture and will swell. If the swelled decking dries on time, it will shrink, and if it doesn’t dry on time, the decking will rot. A composite patio is resistant to water and will not rot, swell or shrink, making it better than hardwood decking. 


The maintenance of composite decking is easier than that of timber decking. With composite decking, you don’t need lots of cash to keep your decking going. Also, the elaborate maintenance process of wood decking is not associated with composite decking. This is because homeowners don’t have to sand, paint or stain their composite decking like they will their lumber decking. 

Since a decking lifespan depends on how well you maintain it, composite decking will last longer than timber patio because of its easy maintenance. You can use your wood-plastic decking for about 25 years, while hardwood decking will last for 15 years. 


Is hardwood decking better than composite decking? Plastic wood decking is better than hardwood decking because it is more durable and easy to maintain than timber.

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