There are numerous home modification projects you can do to make your home look better. One common home improvement project is taking care of the lawn. A house with a beautiful backyard will probably perform well in the market. And will have more value than a house that doesn’t have a beautiful lawn. To make their backyard attractive, homeowners have decided to install artificial grass as part of their home improvement project. Fake turf has a high initial price, but the benefits surpass the cost. So, is installing artificial grass worth the spend? 

Why Artificial Grass Is not a Waste of Money

Like most home improvement projects available to homeowners, installing artificial grass goes a long way to making the house attractive. True, fake turf has a high initial price than real grass, but it offers more advantages than real grass. Homeowners will spend about £500 to install synthetic grass in a backyard that is 100 square metres wide. And if the backyard is bigger than that, garden owners should expect to spend more cash. That amount is for the low-end artificial grass; high-end fake grass costs more than that. Garden owners will spend as much as £3000 to install fake grass in a 100 square metres backyard if they purchase the grass for £30 per square metre. Despite its high initial price, homeowners are still installing artificial grass in their houses. Let’s consider the benefits of fake grass. 

Artificial Grass Will Last Longer

Longevity is one benefit of installing synthetic grass in your garden. How long do homeowners expect real grass to last? Most real grass will last for up to 7 years with maintenance. After that period, homeowners must re-plant the grass in their garden. Some real grass will not even last as long as that depending on the environment. If you purchase fake grass, there is a 20 years warranty on the grass. This implies that homeowners can use their synthetic turf for a long time, which will still be intact. So, when you install artificial grass, you are guaranteed 20 years of enjoyment with less maintenance.

Is Installing Artificial Grass Worth the Spend?

Artificial Grass Requires Less Maintenance

Another reason installing artificial grass is worth it is that garden owners will spend less to keep their artificial grass attractive. And fit for outdoor activities. True, real grass needs watering, mowing, and treating to make it survive. Watering real grass is crucial if the grass must survive and remain leafy. When the water or moisture in the environment is less, the natural grass will change colour. This withering of real green produced an unpleasant effect for homeowners. That is why they must water their grass. But what happens if you dwell in a region with little water and much emphasis on water conservation? 

Artificial grass is the only option for homeowners that want a beautiful lawn. Treating real grass with chemicals is another problem homeowners are facing. Natural grass is susceptible to diseases that can destroy the turf. That is why turf owners must treat the grass with chemicals. Aside from treating natural grass, homeowners must also mow the grass to keep the blade smooth and fine. Fake turf does not need chemical treatment or mowing to look attractive. That is why installing artificial grass is worth the spend. 

Synthetic Grass Stays Beautiful All Year Round

Unlike real grass that withers when there is less water in the environment, fake turf stays beautiful all year round. This is because artificial turf doesn’t need water to grow. So, it is unaffected by the lack of water in the environment. The green blade of fake turf doesn’t turn brown when the weather is dry like natural grass. Another obvious benefit of artificial grass is that the surface pigment doesn’t fade rapidly. 

Engineers add colour to artificial turf during the process of production so that it will be long-lasting. This prevents the grass from fading quickly. Also, UV inhibitors are present in the grass, making it less likely to fade when the sun’s UV rays reach its surface. Homeowners will enjoy the green appearance of fake grass all year round. And the good thing is, you won’t be able to tell that fake grass is fake because of its green colour. 


Is installing artificial grass worth the spend? Laying fake grass in your garden is worth the spend because it will last longer, it will stay attractive all year round, and it requires less maintenance than real grass.

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