Have you wondered why homeowners are installing composite decking when they can install the cheaper alternative? Composite wood decking is expensive to purchase. The boards are a few pounds higher than timber. Yet, plastic wood decking makers still label it as a cost-effective outdoor flooring material. At first glance, composite decking is not cost-effective for homeowners on a budget. But when you consider the attributes of plastic wood decking, you will understand why installing composite decking is not a waste of money. So, is installing composite decking a waste of money? Let’s consider plastic wood decking attributes in detail. 

What Is Composite Wood Decking? 

If you are ever searching for an outdoor flooring material that is strong and long-lasting, then composite decking is the right one. Made of wood and plastic that is heated in a factory, engineers consider it a composite material. In fact, the word composite from the decking’s name comes from the nature of manufacture. A composite material, whether it is composite decking or fibreglass, is always strong. 

And stronger than the original materials it replaces. As a composite, plastic wood decking is stronger than timber. Remember that it has wood as its constituents. This makes composite decking have the strength of wood and the water-resistant attribute of plastic. So, composite decking is an outdoor flooring material that contains lumber and polymer as its primary constituents.

Why Is Installing Composite Decking not a Waste of Money?

Installing composite decking is not a waste of money

There are several reasons why installing composite decking is not a waste of money like most homeowners think. The first obvious reason is that wood-plastic composite is a lot easier to maintain than timber decking. Aside from that, wood-plastic decking has a longer lifespan compare to lumber and polymer decking. Since composite lasts longer than the other two, it implies that homeowners will enjoy their decking longer. 

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

One reason homeowners install composite decking, and it is not a waste of money, is that it is easy to maintain. Homeowners that previously install wood decking will know how difficult it is to maintain it. To make the top of the wood decking clean, they have to scrub and scrub it like never before. This is to remove stains that are on the top of lumber decking. But that is not all regarding wood decking maintenance. The surface of lumber decking will absorb moisture and makes the decking susceptible to mould and mildew attack. Homeowners must scrub the lumber decking to remove mould from the surface. 

And as if scrubbing mould and mildew is not enough, homeowners must seal their lumber decking to prevent water from infiltrating. The other part of lumber decking maintenance is painting the surface. Since wood decking does not come with factory-installed colour, homeowners must paint it after purchase. And painting the lumber decking will not make the exterior look good for a long time. They have to repaint their lumber decking yearly during maintenance. Painting lumber decking is not easy because homeowners must sand or make the surface smooth. This laborious maintenance process must be done by homeowners, or they can hire decking cleaners to do it for them. 

Since most homeowners are busy, hiring decking cleaners is the only option, and it cost extra cash. But composite decking maintenance is different from timber. No need for homeowners to sand, scrub mould and mildew off the top or to seal plastic wood decking. All wood-plastic decking requires is simple sweeping or scrubbing. Nothing more. And, garden owners can maintain their wood-plastic decking themselves. This makes installing composite decking not a waste of money. 

Composite Decking Has a Long Lifespan

Another reason installing composite decking is not a waste of money is that it has a longer lifespan than lumber and polymer decking. This is true because wood-plastic composite lifespan is twice that of timber. Homeowners that purchase this decking can expect to use it for as long as 25 years with good maintenance. Some wood-plastic composite brands will last longer than 25 years. Lumber decking lifespan is short and will barely last for 15 years with all the laborious care. That is why homeowners that are switching to composite decking don’t consider installing it as a waste of money.


Is installing composite decking a waste of money? No, installing plastic wood decking enable homeowners to save money. The lifespan of plastic wood decking is twice that of lumber, and plastic wood decking is easier to maintain.

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