Composite decking looks like timber and even contain wood and a large amount of plastic. The boards have different sizes that are similar to wood decking boards. Installing composite decking is similar to installing timber decking depending on the type of decking boards. There are two kinds of wood-plastic decking boards. They are grooved and ungrooved wood-plastic decking. The way you install grooved decking is different from how you will install ungrooved decking. Ungrooved decking boards are similar to wood decking boards, and you can install them with screws and nails. Grooved decking installation requires clips and fasteners and a method that is different from wood. 

Installing Composite Decking Can Be Easy

If you are contemplating installing your composite boards yourself, there are things you must know to make the task easier for you. You should be able to use common wood installation tools like a drilling machine and a saw. The kind of saw that you need to install composite decking is a circular saw.

 Although any kind of saw that you use is better, a circular saw makes it easier for you to cut the wood-plastic boards. You should use a hammer if you want to use nails to install your composite decking. Note that using nails to install composite decking is not a good practice. Instead of nails, you should use screws if you want to do surface composite decking installation. 

Aside from that, you should know how to use clips and fasteners to fix the composite boards. All these decking skills requires experience, and you must know them if you want to succeed in installing your composite decking. This way, installing composite decking will be easy. But if you don’t have all these composite decking installation skills, you should get an installer to do the task for you. 

Installing Your Composite Decking

Installing composite decking is a step-by-step process, and you must ensure that you don’t miss any wood-plastic decking installation steps. It begins with clearing the area you will install the patio and fixing the boards on the frame. 

Decking Foundation and Framing

The first step to building your composite decking is by making the foundation. You have to clear the place you will install your wood-plastic composite boards. This place is where you will lay the foundation. The foundation of your wood-plastic decking is made of 4-by-4 or 4-by-6 wooden posts or concrete slabs. If you raise your composite decking above the ground, you will need long wood posts to raise it. 

Installing a raised composite decking

But if the wood-plastic decking is flush, you need short concrete slabs instead of posts. You need to dig holes around the perimeter of your decking so that you will place the posts in them. Ensure that the holes are deep so that the posts will enter them well before covering the holes with concrete.

 Then you can cover the holes with cement and wait till they dry before you proceed to build the frame of your decking. The frame of your decking is a network of wooden planks that connect to the posts and covers the edge. You must install the outer frame first and fix them to the posts before installing the joists.

Then you should start fixing the inner planks that will connect the outer planks. You should ensure to space them at least 16 inches apart, and the spacing should not be more than 16 inches. Do that until you have added enough wooden planks to your decking frame to complete your decking frame. 

Laying the Composite Decking Boards and Covering the Edges

After building your wood-plastic decking frame, you will need to arrange the boards on the frame. This way, you will complete the installation of your decking. If your wood-plastic decking is close to a structure, you should start from the side and ensure that you space the structure and the boards. 

This is so that it will expand and contract without cracking your decking. If you are using grooved decking, you will need to fix starter clips to hold down the first sets of boards before using intermediate clips to install the remaining boards. But if you are using ungrooved boards, you don’t need clips, just screws. After installing your wood-plastic decking, you can cover the edge with fascia. 


Installing composite decking is easy if you are familiar with building things and how to use all the tools required to build the frame and install the decking boards.

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