If you are a pro, and you are skilled at installing wood or PVC decking, then you can install yourccomposite decking. If you are new to decking and have not handled wood or any other type of decking, it might be difficult to install the decking. There are many decking installers out there that you can hire to help you install your decking for a price. They will do the work fast and professionally. If you don’t have the skills to install a decking but want to try, there is still hope. You can start somewhere and acquire the skill over time. Note that if you are willing to learn, it is not hard to install composite decking.

Why Installing Your Decking Will Benefit You

When you are about to build wood-plastic decking, you have to consider lots of things. One of the things that you will consider is the cost of purchasing the composite boards. You must also consider the amount you will spend to purchase clips and fasteners, and other accessories. When you have got what you need, you still have to consider how you will pay the decking installer. 

The decking installer is the pro that will help you to build your decking. This installer has the right skills and experience to help you perfectly install your composite decking. The cost of hiring an installer is much, even closer to the amount you will spend to purchase the decking. This means that if you purchase your composite boards for £2500, you will pay the installer about £1000 to install them. 

But this doesn’t mean that the £1000 is not worth spending. Your installer is experienced, and there is less chance that he will make mistakes. If you plan to conserve your cash, installing your decking yourself will benefit you. So, instead of spending £1000 on a pro, you will keep the cash and spend it on something else. 

How to Install Your Composite Decking

The process of installing composite decking is a step-by-step process. This means that you must start by clearing the spot and finish fixing the decking boards. When you follow the steps of installing your decking, you will find it easier to install. 

Step One – Clear the Area

Before you clear the area, you will build your composite decking; you have to measure it to know the length and breadth. The area you will build your decking is that portion of your garden you have set aside for decking. If you are installing your decking in your garden, it is better to plan to know where to set aside for grasses and the decking. Then you have to measure the place to know how large or how small your decking will be. Clear the area of debris and try to do a little levelling if the spot is uneven. 

Step Two – Fix the Posts

Your decking posts will lift it from the ground if you are building an elevated decking. They will serve as the foundation of your decking and prevent it from touching the ground. To fix the posts, you have to dig holes around the edges of your decking. Remember that the posts will support your decking, so you should use lots of posts. The holes should be deep, and you should sink a large part of the posts inside the holes to ensure that they will stay inside the ground. After, cover the holes will concrete and wait till they are dry before you start building your joists. If you don’t want to use posts as the foundation of your decking, you can use concrete slabs, but your decking will be closer to the ground. install your decking with concrete slabs

Step Three – Build the Joists

Step Four – Fix the Composite Decking Boards

After building the foundation of your composite decking, you should start building the joists. This is the most technical part of building your decking because you must handle wood and carpentry tools. The joists are made of planks that are attached. You should attach the planks to the posts to make the outer frame. The outer edge should go around your decking. Then you should attach the inner frames.

After building the joists, you should fix the composite boards. Please ensure that you space your decking boards at least 5 mm apart.


It is not hard to install composite decking if you have the right skills. But if you don’t, you can learn how to install your decking and practice until you are perfect.

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