Building composite decking in your garden is one of the best things you can do to make it a contemporary garden. Some Homeowners will hire a decking installer when building decking in their garden. Others will not hire an installer to build their composite decking because they are skilled at installing decking. If you can install a decking, you might be wondering if it is easy to install composite decking. This write-up answers the question – Is it hard to install composite decking?

What Is a Composite Decking?

Composite decking, also called plastic wood decking, is an alternative to wood developed by decking makers. There are several reasons decking makers developed plastic wood decking. One of them is because timber or wood decking is hard to install. 

So, decking makers created a durable and aesthetically-pleasing decking that is not hard to install like wood. The materials decking makers used to make composite decking are wood fibre and plastic. This is why homeowners regard composite decking as a synthetic material. 

As a synthetic material, composite decking is stronger and more durable when you compare it with wood decking. Aside from that, composite decking has lots of other advantages related to easy installation.

Composite Decking Is Lightweight

Lightweight is one advantage of composite decking that relates to Installation. When you build your composite decking, you can easily carry it and move your decking from one place to another. This makes composite decking not hard to install.

 Aside from being easy to carry, composite decking is also strong. The strength of plastic wood decking is much more than its weight. This makes it possible to stand on your composite decking with your friends, and it won’t collapse.  

Composite Decking Is Easy to Cut

This is another advantage of composite decking that makes it not hard to install. When installing your decking, you can easily cut the boards with a saw, and you don’t need a special saw blade for the task. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is Easy to Install

That composite decking is easy to install is because there is the grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Grooved plastic wood decking has hollows on its sides. You will use hidden clips to install this kind of decking. Ungrooved composite decking requires screws. 

Using clips is easy because all you have to do is fix the clips to the joists and use it to hook the boards to the joists. Another advantage of clips is that it won’t show on the surface of your decking. This will help you to create a beautiful composite decking with an uninterrupted surface. 

Although screws are good, when you build your decking with screws, the screws will appear on the surface. All these advantages of plastic decking that we mentioned are what makes it not hard to install.

Installing Your Composite Decking

We have mentioned several times in this write-up that composite decking is not hard to install. We will explain how you can install your composite decking now.

Step One – Clear the Area

The first is to prepare the spot you want to install your composite decking. You have to measure where you will build your decking to know the number of boards you will use.

 You will need a shovel and diggers for this task because you will level the ground if it is not already levelled. After ensuring that the ground is levelled, you will use the digger to dig holes. You will put the posts that will serve as the foundation of your decking in the holes.

Step Two – Fix the Posts

You should ensure that you put posts in all corners of your decking. After you have dug the holes, you should cover it with cement and ensure that your decking is dry before you start building the substructure.

Step Three – Build the Joists

building joists for decking that is not hard to install

The joists or the substructure of your decking is what you will place your composite boards on. You will attach treated planks to the posts to create the outer joists. After you should fix more planks to the outer joists to create the substructure. 

Step Four – Attach the Composite Boards

When attaching the composite boards, you should start from the edges. You will use starter clips and fasteners to hook the decking to the joists. After that, you should use T – clips to attach the remaining decking boards. When you are done, you should cover the edges of your decking to make it look attractive.

decking that is not hard to install


Is it hard to install composite decking? No, it is not hard to install plastic wood decking if you know how to. You have to follow the steps we mentioned in this write-up.

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