Composite decking is more expensive than timber decking. There is nothing new about that. Homeowners also know that composite decking requires more joists than wood decking; this is another setback of plastic wood decking. But despite these setbacks, wood-plastic decking popularity has been soaring. This makes anyone planning to build decking think twice about using wood and consider plastic wood decking. But is it worth building a decking with composite? This write-up explains the benefits composite wood decking offers and why homeowners should not hesitate to use composite for their decking construction. 

What Is Composite Decking in Modern Construction?

Composite is also known as wood-plastic or plastic wood decking. From the last two names, you can discern that composite decking contains wood and plastic as part of its material component. But it does more than contain wood and plastic. Composite decking also contains chemicals like UV inhibitors, bonding agents and colours. The wood, plastic, UV inhibitors, colour and bonding agent, are combined and heat till plastic wood decking is formed.  The result will be a durable outdoor decking material that can withstand the elements of weather and insects. In modern construction, garden owners use composite to build their deck. This outdoor flooring solution provides a better surface for your outdoor flooring activities. 

Why Every Homeowner Should Build Their Deck with Composite

Now that we know what composite decking is, we should consider why every garden owner should install it in their backyard. 

Composite Is Durable

From explaining how composite decking is made, you should have got the hint that it will provide a durable and lasting surface for your outdoor activities. Yes, plastic wood decking is durable; that is why it will last longer when you build your deck with it. The durability is from its material composition. Plastic wood decking contains synthetic material and is made in a factory. The other deck similar to composite is wood, but the wood deck is a natural material. As a natural material, timber does not stand a chance like composite against the elements of weather or insects. That is why timber provide a less durable deck solution when you use it to build your decking. To further understand composite decking’s durability, let’s consider how well it will resist the elements and insects. 

Composite Is Resistant to the Elements

When you install a deck in your outdoor space, you will expose it to the elements. Your decking will be exposed to the sun’ UV rays, rain, snow and ice and wind. These four weather elements can do lots of harm to a decking material if it is not durable—this is why building your deck with composite pay off. Composite will not splinter like timber decking. Splinting will occur in timber decking when the boards expand. If wood expands, the boards will eventually develop tiny cracks, which will later widen. 

Aside from splinting, timber decking will swell when rain falls on it. Rains will infiltrate the timber deck and get to the boards’ cores. When this occurs, timber decking will increase in size and eventually disfiguring your decking. That is not all; snow and ice will make timber contract, leading to shrinking the surface texture. Composite, a durable material, will not shrink, warp, break or rot as a result of the elements of weather. 

Composite Is Beautiful

building decking with composite

If you ever want a decking that will make your garden beautiful, you should consider composite. One reason garden owners are building their decking with composite is that it comes in many colours. Unlike wood that have the traditional appearance only and must be painted to change the colour, composite comes in grey, green, oak, anthracite grey and brown. More benefit of composite wood colour is that it will not fade like timber. Wood decking will lose its aesthetic value after a few years of installation, but not composite. Aside from a little colour change to adjust to the environment, you will enjoy your composite colour for a long time. That is why composite is marketed as a no painting decking solution. 

Composite Is Easy to Clean

Cleaning a deck is a tedious process; that is why most garden owners prefer a decking that requires less cleaning. And composite decking is the first on the list of outdoor flooring materials that are easy to clean. This is another reason it is worth building your decking with composite. 


Is it worth building a decking with composite? Yes, composite is durable, easy to take care of, beautiful and resistant to weather, splintering, warping, breaking and rot. 

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