Many homeowners have asked that question before installing composite cladding in their homes. If you are contemplating installing composite cladding, you will want an answer to the question, too. There are several cladding materials available for use, but plastic wood cladding stands out. The reasons are durability, aesthetic value, easy maintenance, and a long lifespan. But that is not all with wood-plastic cladding. Composite offers better protection for the exterior wall of your house than wood or stone cladding. And since it doesn’t absorb moisture, you can be certain that plastic wood cladding is worth using. So, is it worth using composite cladding? Let’s find the answer to that inquiry. 

Why Composite Cladding Is Worth Installing

When you install cladding material on the exterior wall of your home, you will expect it to protect the wall. Good cladding will prevent water or moisture from infiltrating the wall and entering your house. Aside from that, good cladding will prevent mould and mildew from growing on your house’s exterior wall. But the benefits of using good cladding go beyond that. Your cladding will make your home beautiful. That is why homeowners should install an attractive cladding material like composite. Let’s consider why composite cladding is worth using in every home. 

Composite Cladding Is Resistant to Weather

One natural factor that easily destroys an outdoor material is the weather. Weather elements like snow, rain, heat, wind, and moisture can make a durable material less durable. If you use wood cladding to cover the wall of your house, you will know that you must treat it and paint it regularly. Timber cladding needs treatment to make it firm. Although timber cladding made of hardwood doesn’t need chemical treatment, it will eventually lose its durability when you install it outdoors. To make it worse, moisture will infiltrate the porous surface of wood cladding and soak the panels. 

The panels will swell because of excess water and eventually rot if the water does not dry on time. A rotten cladding panel is not useful to protect the wall of your home. Aside from moisture, snow and heat can make your wood cladding shrink because of expansion. It is common for timber cladding to split, crack or break because it can’t resist weather elements. The composite cladding has an improved surface texture that prevents water from entering the panels. The panels are wrapped in a layer of plastic that forms a protective shell around the boards. This protective shell prevents cracking, breaking, and swelling. 

Composite Cladding Is Attractive

Another reason composite cladding is worth using is that it is attractive. The surface texture of composite cladding adds aesthetic value to your property. You can select any cladding colour that you want. Homeowners can select brown or grey cladding for their homes. Alternatively, they can select green or black composite cladding panels to install in their home. 

Is It Worth Using Composite Cladding?

If homeowners love wood, there is wood-grain composite cladding that looks just like timber. This improved surface texture satisfies homeowners who want a replacement for their timber cladding. Wood cladding must be painted to make it attractive. The downside of painting timber is that the colour will fade when you install it under the sun. 

Composite Cladding Is Easy to Maintain

Most cladding materials are difficult to maintain. Once you install them, getting dirt and stains off them will not be easy. Wood is an example of cladding that is difficult to care for. To maintain your timber cladding, you must paint it. Painted timber cladding is not enough; homeowners must seal the surface to prevent moisture from entering. Since composite cladding comes in an attractive colour that will not fade, there is no need to paint it. Also, plastic wood cladding doesn’t need sealing because the surface has a protective shell that prevents moisture. Homeowners can remove stains from the surface of their plastic wood fencing quickly by scrubbing. Unlike wood that absorbs stains, wood-plastic composite does absorb stains. This makes it worth using composite cladding in any home or environment. 

Termites Do Not Destroy Composite Cladding

Insects will destroy cladding materials, like wood. But when you install plastic wood cladding, you can be assured that the plastic protection will prevent termites from reaching the wood core. 


Is it worth using composite cladding? Yes, it is worth installing composite wood cladding in any home or environment. This is because plastic wood cladding is resistant to weather, durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. 

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