Using composite decking is economical when you compare it with wood or plastic. Although the initial cost of composite lumber is higher than timber, the cost to maintain this decking material is low. This low maintenance cost enables homeowners to save cash or money when they install composite decking. Homeowners have wondered if using composite lumber is economical. This category of decking owners knows little about composite lumber and its features. To know more about composite lumber, you should finish reading this write-up. This write-up helps you to know more about composite decking and why composite lumber is economical.

Why Composite Lumber Is Economical

Despite its high initial cost, composite lumber is viewed as a cost-effective decking material. It is because it is easy to maintain, it will last longer than timber, and it is resistant to the elements.

Composite Lumber Is Easy to Maintain

The first reason composite lumber is economical is that it is easy to maintain. This implies that you will spend less cash maintaining your composite decking than you will to maintain lumber. Let’s examine the part of timber maintenance that requires spending money. After installing your timber decking, you have to spend your cash to purchase paint or stain that you will use to make the surface attractive. After the initial painting of your timber decking, you have to paint it over and over to replenish the paint.

 Wood decking paint or stain will fade quickly, much faster than composite or plastic decking. So anytime your timber decking colour fade, you must paint or stain it. The timber decking maintenance process is quite different from composite lumber. You must stain or paint the timber decking. Remember that you have to purchase the paint or stain. Also, if you are busy like most decking owners, maintaining your wood decking will not be possible. You must hire someone that will help you to maintain your decking.

 Hiring someone to maintain your decking will cost additional cash. Aside from painting wood decking, you must purchase a sealer to seal the surface from moisture. This way, wood decking will not absorb water and swell. Composite decking does not need sealer as well as paint. The surface is plastic coated and resistant to moisture, making it one of the best decking materials to use. 

Composite Lumber Will Last Longer

Using composite decking will guarantee that homeowners enjoy their decking in their outdoor space for a long time. How long your composite lumber will last depend on the grade that you purchase. But most composite decking will last for 25 years with little maintenance. The timber patio will not remain as long as composite lumber. When you install a timer in your garden, you will only enjoy it for ten years, that is, if you maintain it properly. 

composite lumber is economical

But if you don’t maintain your timber decking, it will not last long. To know how wood decking lifespan compares to composite lumber and why homeowners consider it economical, let’s consider how much you will spend. The composite lumber lifespan is twice that of wood. If you install composite lumber, and you spend £3000, you will reap the benefit for 25 years or more. A wood patio will not last as long as composite lumber. 

If you install wood, and you spend £2000, you will enjoy it for ten years. For you to enjoy your wood decking for 25 years, you have to spend £4000 or £5000, plus the amount you will spend on maintenance. Remember that you will only spend £3000, on composite decking for 25 years. It shows that composite lumber is economical.

Plastic Wood Decking Is Resistant

The resistance of composite lumber is what makes it last longer than timber. When you install your plastic lumber decking outdoors, the risk of getting damage is reduced. It is because composite lumber surface will not absorb moisture, warp, splinter, split or warp when the element of nature put pressure on it. 

Aside from that, termites will not eat or destroy your composite lumber like wood decking. It makes installing composite lumber good for any environment. Timber will not perform well when you install it outside and expose it to the elements. You must take steps to protect your timber decking, and this requires that you spend cash on maintenance. 


Is using composite lumber economical? Using plastic wood decking for your outdoor project is cost-effective and does not require spending much cash to maintain. Also, the lifespan of composite lumber is twice that of wood decking. 

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