Building decking is one of the best things you can do to boost the value of your home. A good decking material like composite decking will affect the sale price of your property and bring it up. There are other benefits to adding composite in your home. There are easy maintenance and aesthetic value. These benefits make building a decking with composite material worth the spending. In this write-up, you are going to learn how to build decking with composite material. So, if you are enthusiastic, let’s dive in.

Tip: Composite decking is also referred to as wood-plastic decking. This is because it is a composite material. We will discuss composite soon. So, when you come across wood-plastic composite in this write-up, it refers to composite decking. 

What Is a Composite Material?

Composite materials are building materials that contain more than one constituent. The constituents are materials that have dissimilar properties. When engineers combine the materials, they form a new composite that is better and more durable than the original constituents. Wood-plastic composite is an example of composites. 

This outdoor flooring material contains two recycled materials – wood and plastic, as its constituents. Like other composites, wood-plastic composite is better than wood because it is durable and easy to care for. Also, wood-plastic composite has a water-resistant property that wood doesn’t have. Wood-plastic composite is better than plastic because it is stronger and will last longer. 

Additional Information: When build decking, most homeowners prefer wood decking because it is easy to install, and it has an old timber appearance. Composite decking has evolved a long way, and it is easier to install using the hidden installation method. If you plan on getting composite decking, we advise that you buy grooved boards so that you will be able to use clips and fasteners to install them. But if you prefer the surface installation, you can buy the ungrooved boards.

How to Build Composite Decking

building composite decking

Building composite decking will be easy if you have experience building timber decking or working with wood. You should read further if you are a newbie and want to build your first composite decking. Before you advance, you must ensure that you have the strength to do the task and have other helping hands to assist with carrying the decking boards and tools. Then you should follow the steps we will explain below. 

Step One – Get all the Material You Need

To build decking with composite material, you must get all the material that you need to complete the task. You need composite decking. Also, you need wooden planks. You should use treated wooden planks for this task. Aside from that, you need a drilling machine and screws. Since you are not using nails, you don’t need nails and a hammer. At this step, you should have an idea of how large your decking should be. This will help you to determine the number of decking boards you will purchase. 

Step Two – Measure the Area

To get the exact measurement of the area you want to build the decking, you have to measure it. This will enable you to know the size in square foot or meters. For good result and to save space, if you want to build the decking in your garden, you should partition the garden. This means setting aside a place for your decking and flowers or grass. This way, your garden will adopt the looks of a modern garden. After measuring the area, you should clear it of debris and ensure that it is levelled. 

Step Three – Set the Foundation

The foundation of your decking is what lift it from the ground. There two kinds of composite decking foundation. If you want a flush decking, you should use a concrete slab. The slabs will not raise it high above the soil. But if you want elevated decking, you should use post. Wooden posts will do. Dig holes where you will put the posts. The amount of posts you put depends on how large your decking is and also the kind of support you want for your decking. Cover the holes and posts bottom with cement. 

Step Four – Fix the Frame and Boards

This is the technical part of building a decking with composite decking. You will attach planks to the posts or the slabs and cover the area you want to build the decking. They fix the planks together with screws. After you should attach the inner planks or joists, you will lay the composite boards on the joists after building it and then cover the edges of your decking.


The best method to learn how to build decking with composite material is by practice. You have to master all the steps we explain before you can finally build your decking.

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