Composite decking was designed to last longer. The lifespan of plastic wood decking is almost double that of timber decking. But after installing your wood-plastic composite, you have to take steps to maintain it. Also, garden owners must ensure that they use their composite decking well to avoid damaging it. This write-up examines the mistakes to avoid on your composite decking. It looks into how garden owners can properly maintain their decking. Also, it explains the best way homeowners can remove snow from the decking without peeling the surface texture. 

The Don’ts of Maintaining Your Composite Decking

Maintaining your composite decking is crucial, but garden owners should be cautious about it. The kind of soap garden owners uses on their plastic wood decking matters. Aside from that, how you prepare your deck for winter also matters. Removing snow from your decking is another thing homeowners should consider. And garden owners should ensure that they should use the right shovel for the task. 

The Don’ts of Removing Snow from Your Decking

Never Dump Snow Directly on Your Composite Decking

When you install your plastic wood decking, you should ensure that you don’t let snowfall from the roof of your home down to the deck. Little snowfall will not do much damage to plastic wood decking, but heavy or thick snow will. Your composite decking has a certain amount of weight that it can handle. When it exceeds the weight, there is the possibility that the deck can collapse. 

Dumping snow directly on your plastic wood decking from your rooftop will add more weight to it. It will make your deck collapse in the long run. So to avoid damaging your composite decking, you should not make the mistake of dumping snow directly on it. Of course, garden owners can always control the level of snow on their decking. If you discover that snow is becoming too high, you can use a shovel to push them off the deck. 

Don’t Break Ice on Your Composite Decking

If snow accumulates on your plastic wood decking, it will eventually become ice. Ice can make the surface of your wood-plastic deck slippery. A slippery deck is not good to walk on because garden owners can slide and fall. To remove ice from your plastic wood deck surface, garden owners can use salt to melt it. One mistake to avoid when removing ice is breaking it with your shovel. Garden owners should never break the ice on their plastic wood decking. This is because they will damage the surface texture of their deck when they use it as a base for cracking ice. You can break the ice on a concrete surface if you have one in your garden instead of using your plastic wood decking. 

Don’t Shovel Too Close to Your Composite Boards

A shovel is a tool garden owners can use to remove snow from their deck’s surface. But how they remove the snow from the deck matters. Homeowners should not bring the tip of the shovel too close to the deck boards. If your shovel tip should touch your composite decking, it can peel the surface texture. This is a mistake garden owner must avoid when maintaining their composite decking. True, plastic wood decking is less prone to damage, but homeowners must still ensure that they shovel with caution. 

Don’t Use a Metal Shovel on Your Decking

You need a shovel if you have a large amount of snow on your plastic wood decking. One mistake garden owners should avoid when pushing snow off their deck with a shovel is using a metal shovel. An iron shovel can damage the surface texture of your plastic wood decking if it comes in contact with it. So, use a shovel with a rubber blade to remove snow from your deck. 

Mistakes to avoid on decking

The Don’ts of Cleaning Your Composite Decking

Don’t Use Chlorine to Clean Your Decking

If you discover dirt or grease on the surface of your wood-plastic composite decking, you must clean it immediately. But how homeowners clean their deck matters. Aside from getting water and a brush in preparation for cleaning, garden owners must also get a good soap. One mistake homeowners should avoid using chlorine to clean their deck. It is because chlorine can bleach your wood-plastic decking surface. 


The mistakes to avoid on your composite decking are: don’t dump snow directly on your decking, don’t use an iron shovel to remove snow from your deck, and don’t use chlorine to clean your decking surface. 

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