There are many decking designs and ideas that you can select from when planning to construct a decking in your home. Most homeowners have chosen to attach their decking to their house. Others have chosen to build a detached decking in the centre of their garden. To achieve the best design, the material you use to build the decking also matters. Wood decking is one material, but its uses are declining. Composite Decking is another decking material, and it is one of the best deckings. This write-up examines the various outdoor decking designs and ideas.

Choose the Right Decking Material

The best way to get started with your decking design and idea is to install the right outdoor flooring material. Of all the decking material available, only wood-plastic composite decking stands out as the best. The benefits of installing composite decking range from easy maintenance and installation to aesthetic value and high resistance to the elements. If you must use decking, then composite is the deal. Most homeowners desire a decking that won’t just last long but will add beauty to their back garden or landscape. With wood-plastic composite installed in your yard, you will spend your time enjoying your decking instead of maintaining it.

Building a Decking with a View

Another decking design idea is building your decking with a view. This idea is possible if you have chosen the best outdoor decking material available. Decking with a view is a decking that is constructed on the side of your house and bestows a great view of your compound. This decking design type is particularly useful if you dwell near a beach or on a hill. Building a decking at the side of your home facing a beach or hill will give you a view of what is beyond your garden. This design type will enable you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while relaxing on your composite decking. And if you don’t dwell close to a hill, you can build a side decking in your home that faces your garden.

Pool and Hot Tub Design Idea

Building a pool and a hot tub in your home is a good thing. Most homeowners build their pool outside their home. To make their pool or hot tub accessible, some will add concrete pavement around the pool. You can customise the surrounding of your pool with composite decking. This design is possible if you install the decking around the pool and extend the decking to your doorstep. 

To create a seamless design around your pool, you can make the height of your decking and your home the same. Also, if your home has steps, you can design your decking steps to match that of your home. When installing a pool decking, you should use a decking material like composite decking because it is water-resistant. The top of wood-plastic decking is coated with plastics that prevent water absorption, and it is useful for pool sides.

Combining a Decking and Patio

Outdoor Decking Designs and Ideas

Another outdoor decking design and idea that will make your home beautiful combines decking and a patio. Most homeowners love patio because of their simple yet durable design and structure. Combining your decking with your patio will create a beautiful outdoor space in your garden. You can raise your patio slightly above your composite deck g and surround it with flowers or carpet grasses. The sharp difference between decking and a patio will create an attractive look to make your garden modern.

Building a Screened-in Decking

Enjoying your composite decking can be a challenge if mosquitoes and other insects are flying around. Most homeowners have solved this problem by building a screened-in decking. This decking design idea has screens of transparent walls protecting the decking space. Fibreglass is one material that homeowners can use to build a screen that covers their decking. Covering your decking in a transparent room like structure will enable you to enjoy the view while preventing insects from reaching you. 

Dining on the Decking

While every home has a kitchen and a dining room inside, you can decide to bring your dining outside if you enjoy nature. Homeowners have placed their dining tables and chairs on their composite decking to enable them to eat on the decking.


There are various outdoor decking design ideas that homeowners can choose from. Homeowners can build their decking with composite decking and combine a decking and a patio. Also, homeowners can dine on their decking and build a screened-in decking.

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