Plastic decking is one of the most used decking materials out there. The benefits of plastic decking far outweigh the downside. One of the downsides of plastic or composite decking that homeowners are pointing to is the price. What is plastic decking price vs wood? We have compiled this write-up to let you know the cost of plastic and wood decking.

How Much Is Plastic Decking?

The price of plastic decking depends on the brand that you want to purchase. Also, how much you buy your plastic decking depends on the grade that you are buying. Our Timeless collections of plastic decking cost £24 per 4m board.

 Other brands of plastic decking might be cheaper or more expensive than that. Note that the size of plastic decking also affects the price. If the plastic decking board is large, then it will cost more than a small plastic decking board. 

How Much Is Wood Decking?

Wood decking price is not as much as plastic wood decking price. A softwood wood decking board will cost £12 per board depending on the maker of the wood decking. 

Hardwood decking price is close to composite or plastic wood decking price. You will get hardwood decking for £20 per board. Wood decking boards can cost more or lesser than that depending on the size of the wood decking. 

Why Plastic Decking Cost More than Wood

Plastic decking costs more than timber decking because as we mentioned before, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. One of the benefits of plastic wood decking is that it is durable. Another advantage of plastic decking is that it is easy to maintain. Let’s consider the benefits of plastic decking one after the other.

Plastic Decking Is Easy to Maintain

One reason you should install plastic decking instead of wood without considering the price is that you can maintain it effortlessly. And what has easy maintenance got to do with the price of plastic decking? Wood decking, which is cheaper than plastic decking, is difficult to maintain.

 Also, the maintenance process of wood decking cost more than plastic decking. You will need paint or stain to maintain your wood decking. Remember that you have to purchase the paint or stain with your cash. But with composite decking or plastic decking, you don’t have to paint or stain it.

 So, this means that you will save more money when you install a plastic decking than when you install wood decking. If you calculate the cost of maintaining plastic decking with wood decking, then you will save more money with plastic decking. 

Aside from the cost, the plastic decking maintenance process is not time-consuming and back-breaking like wood decking. With wood decking, you have to sand and make sure that the surface is smooth before you apply the paint. 

This task of sanding wood is energy consuming and time-wasting unless you want to give the job to someone who will collect more cash from you. So, plastic decking maintenance vs wood decking maintenance is straightforward because plastic has the upper hand.

Plastic Decking Will Last Longer than Wood

There are lots of reasons plastic decking will last longer than wood. One of them is that plastic is resistant to moisture. Unlike wood that takes in moisture to the point that it will swell and rot, plastic decking will absorb little humidity. This implies that plastic decking will not swell and disintegrate.

 Also, plastic decking will not shrink or warp when it dries like wood decking. Another reason plastic decking will last longer than wood is that fluctuating temperature will not affect plastic in any way. This is because plastic will expand and contract gracefully. It is unlike wood decking that shrinks or breaks when the temperature changes rapidly.

Plastic Decking Has Aesthetic Value

plastic decking price vs wood

Another benefit of plastic decking is that it has aesthetic value. Plastic decking is attractive and will improve the appearance of your home when you install it. Also, you can get plastic decking of different colours in the market. 

If you desire light-coloured or dark-coloured plastic decking, you can purchase anyone you want. Aside from colour variation, plastic decking will not fade like wood decking. What it implies is that the colour of your plastic decking boards will last longer than wood. 


Plastic decking vs wood decking price? Although plastic decking cost more than wood decking, you will save money when you install it. This is because plastic decking is easy to take care of.

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