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Aoysia Artificial Grass 28mmAoysia Artificial Grass 28mm

Aoysia Artificial Grass 28mm

Original price was: £12.95.Current price is: £11.88. /per m2

Do you have a garden and don’t want to plant natural grass? Or, are you tired of maintaining real grass and want fake grass? If you answer yes, then Compositewarehouse is the right stop. Check out our Aoysia artificial grass 28mm.

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Luxury Naturally Looking Artificial Grass for Garden and Lawn

This is another beautiful artificial grass by Compositewarehouse. Aoysia artificial grass 28mm is the perfect solution for outdoor gardening. Do you have a backyard and don’t want to plant grass? Or are you tired of maintaining natural grass and want artificial grass? If you answer yes, then Compositewarehouse is the right stop. Our Aoysia artificial grass is available in 5 mm width, and you can extend it to 28 mm per roll. Spice up your garden with this synthetic, natural-looking grass that fits any outdoor space. 


Key Benefits of Our Artificial Grass

  1. Our fake grass has a longer lifespan than natural grass. While natural grass will last long, it will not last for up to 25 years. Aside from that, our artificial grass was engineered to resist weather elements that affect natural grasses. Our synthetic grass will remain unaffected if the weather is hot or if it rains.
  2. Aoysia artificial grass is easy to maintain with little effort on your part. Are you a busy homeowner and don’t have the time to maintain your lawn? Then, our artificial gardening solution is just right for you. You don’t have to water our fake grass to make it grow. Also, our synthetic grass does not need mowing. Buy our grass once, and start using it.
  3. Our artificial grass is made of synthetic material like polythene mixed with colour tone and UV-resistant additive. That is why our grass is durable, and it will better resist the elements than natural grass. Our well-engineered grass has the strength and firmness that makes it withstand foot traffic without getting damaged.
  4. The natural look of our synthetic grass makes it the right garden grass solution. The colour, texture or tone is just right for your garden. You can’t even tell the difference between our artificial grass and the real one.


Easy-Installation Artificial Grass

Another benefit of our Aoysia artificial grass 28mm is that you can install it yourself. This will enable you to keep the cash you would have spent on the installer. With simple tools and the proper knowledge, you can quickly put your garden grass to use.


Summary of the Benefits of Our Grass

One main benefit of our Aoysia artificial grass 28mm is that it looks and feels like natural grass. Another one is that it will last longer than natural grass with little maintenance. Also, our fake grass is durable and strong.



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