Composite Decking 3mm Hidden FastenerComposite Decking 3mm Hidden Fastener

Composite Decking 3mm Hidden Fastener

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1 pack = 100 clips & screws
1 pack = every 4 sqm

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3mm Hidden Fastener for Composite Decking Installation

Our composite decking 3mm hidden fastener offers the best finish when you are installing your decking. This hidden fastener is perfect for homeowners that love a seamless decking surface. No need for a wide gap between the composite decking boards. Also, with Compositewarehouse 3mm hidden fastener, no need to see the top of screws on your decking. It works with grooved composite decking boards to provide an attractive surface finish, closely aligning decking boards together.


Key Benefits of Our 3mm Hidden Fastener

  • Our hidden fastener ensure that you get an attractive finish after you have installed your composite boards. It offers the best pristine finish with little gap between the boards. Our composite decking 3mm hidden fastener is the best to achieve a premium finish that closely aligns the boards with no visible fixings.


  • Our 3mm hidden fastener securely attach your composite boards to the frame to ensure a stable decking surface when you walk on it. It works with grooved boards and holds down the grooved sides with its strong metal clips to ensure a solid decking. 


  • The 3mm hidden fastener acts as a built-in spacer, and it maintains a 3mm gap between the boards for the best finish. Our hidden fastener gives your decking a neat and professional look after you have installed it. It effectively secures the decking boards into place and provides a strong decking foundation.


  • You can use our 3mm hidden clip without getting much expert knowledge. All you need is knowledge of installing composite decking, and you are ready to install the clip. Made of solid metal, our 3mm hidden fastener will not break or bend when you use it to install your decking.


  • Our hidden fastener is made of weather-resistant material that ensures that it resists any weather. The hidden fastener is not susceptible to rust. Also, the hidden fastener has a black zinc coat that gives it extra protection and reduces visibility. The head screw is durable and waterproof and prevents rust.


  • Using our composite decking 3mm hidden fastener creates a seamless finish because it will remain hidden from view when you walk on top of your composite decking. 


Summary of the Benefits of Our Hidden Fastener

Our composite decking 3mm hidden fastener ensures a uniform 3mm gap between the composite boards. The hidden fastener will not be visible from the top. Our hidden fastener is waterproof, rust-resistant and coated with black zinc coating.



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