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Create your dream low maintenance garden with our large range of composite materials from cladding your exterior home, or new garden room, even switching or replacing your fencing with our composite fence panels that will not only modern your garden but ensure it stands out with its large variety of colour and surface texture finishes.

Even keep it traditional with our composite decking boards with their natural reversible grooves or wood grain finishes, developed to provide our consumers with alternative low maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and decay with their low moisture absorption ensuring you never need to stain, seal or even paint your deck.

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Plastic Grey Cladding Boards for Sheds

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Beautiful plastic cladding boards for your building project. The board is durable, lightweight, strong, and it has a permanent colour. This is the perfect board to use for your outdoor building project.

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Plastic Cladding Boards for Sheds


Our 2.5m 172mm cladding board is perfect for any building project and can be used for schools, public and private buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, and offices.


Our Grey composite cladding colour will stay stable for longer periods compared to traditional timber, reducing in colour at much slower rates. This means no required staining, sealing or painting to ensure a grey tone is upheld during the years of use.


Our composite cladding board is lightweight, meaning that it is easy to carry and install it. This speeds up installation and reduces labour intensity. Despite the fact that it is lightweight, it is very strong and has great resilience.


Composite cladding, like our shiplap cladding board, is easy to install. Simply fix the first cladding board with our starter clips and then content the remaining boards to your battens and slot the boards in place together.


Composite cladding boards do not suffer the wood drawbacks after prolonged use like warping, rotting and splintering. This provides a more stable and longer-lasting product.


Maintaining our composite cladding board can be done by regularly cleaning and removing dirt, leaf and debris. Simply use hot soapy water and a soft brush to ensure you keep your cladding looking as good as new for as long as possible.


Composite cladding panels have the advantage of being resistant to insect attack, mould and mildew. It keeps a stable colour after the first 6 months of installation.


All these superb features make our plastic cladding board worth every penny you spend, saving time and money in the future.


Here are the benefits of this plastic cladding board and why our customers love it.


  • Our cladding board has been engineered to provide an improved alternative to traditional timber cladding.
  • Our boards come with an improved surface that only loses a small amount of colour over a long time when compared to traditional wood.
  • It is easy to install with simple tools and requires little expertise.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Improved colour stability.

1 review for Plastic Grey Cladding Boards for Sheds

  1. Jonex Landscaping (store manager)

    Good product.thank you

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