Anthracite grey fenceAnthracite grey fence

Anthracite Grey Composite Fencing


High-quality composite fence with an attractive colour. It is durable and strong. This board is perfect for fencing your garden or yard. It is made of recycled materials that make it strong.

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Composite Fence – For Your Garden Or Yard


This composite fence is a strong material that is made of recycled wood and plastic materials. It is durable and will last until you get tired of using it.


The oak colour of the composite fence is everlasting and resistant to the UV rays of the sun. It means that it will not fade when exposed to the sun.


Another interesting thing about this composite fence is that it is easy to carry because it is lightweight. Transporting it is very easy.


As a lightweight material, it is easy to install it. Cutting the fencing board is easy too.


Also, installing the fence can be done with simple tools and it requires little technical skills. Once installed, you don’t have to give it elaborate maintenance.


All you need is to clean it if there is a need for doing so. No need for sanding, oiling, sealing, or staining like wood material. 


The fence is resistant to insect attack and will not warp or splinter when exposed to the heat of the sun. It will not absorb water and rot if exposed to water.


This makes the composite fence a material that you should use for your yard.


Here are the benefits of this composite fence and why our customers love it.

  • It has a solid colour that will not fade.
  • No need to paint, seal, or stain the composite fence.
  • It is easy to install with simple equipment and needs little skills.
  • It has a long life span because of its durability.
  • The fence is lightweight, strong, and easy to carry.


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