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Create your dream low maintenance garden with our large range of composite materials from cladding your exterior home, or new garden room, even switching or replacing your fencing with our composite fence panels that will not only modern your garden but ensure it stands out with its large variety of colour and surface texture finishes.

Even keep it traditional with our composite decking boards with their natural reversible grooves or wood grain finishes, developed to provide our consumers with alternative low maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and decay with their low moisture absorption ensuring you never need to stain, seal or even paint your deck.

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Composite Post 100mm x 100mmComposite Post 100mm x 100mm

Composite Post 3m x 100mm x 100mm

£64.49 /board

Available Colours: Black
Size: 3m 100mm x 100mm (size can vary by 2 to 3mm)

Availability: In stock



Composite post 100mm x 100mm




Composite Post: 3m x 100mm x 100mm


Composite posts are a stronger and more durable alternative to wood posts. They are long-lasting and standing the test of time and provide a more robust, stable and long lasting build for any type of project. Composite posts have resistant properties against rotting and splintering and are the perfect solution for a strong and durable post to complete your project.

Key attributes:

  • Moisture resistant, reducing issues of rotting or warping
  • Long-lasting meaning you won’t have to replace or repair for decades
  • Hassle-free with extremely low maintenance
  • Will stand the test of time
  • Easy to install no matter the project
  • Made with recycled materials of plastic and wood fibres
  • 30 kg in weight per composite post
  • Eco Friendly option using recycled materials

All of our composite post at Composite Warehouse provide quality and durability. All of our composite joists are created using the highest quality materials and come in a solid profile finish, creating increased strength & durability.


Composite Joists are a great solution to timber joists or battens, due to their strength, durability and longevity. Additionally, they are also an eco-friendly solution, reducing waste in landfills & the sea.

Composite Joist are an investment and are better suited to projects that will receive a larger footfall, more pressure or need a longer life span. If your project is commercial, it is recommended to use composite battens for extra strength and stability.


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