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Create your dream low maintenance garden with our large range of composite materials from cladding your exterior home, or new garden room, even switching or replacing your fencing with our composite fence panels that will not only modern your garden but ensure it stands out with its large variety of colour and surface texture finishes.

Even keep it traditional with our composite decking boards with their natural reversible grooves or wood grain finishes, developed to provide our consumers with alternative low maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and decay with their low moisture absorption ensuring you never need to stain, seal or even paint your deck.

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Concrete Post Connector For Composite Fence Panels


Introducing our concrete connectors. These connections allow you to install or replace your current fence units with your new composite fence panels that can be simple slide into place with easy and quick installation.

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Concrete post connector For Composite Fencing Panels


Introducing our concrete post connector. These 2m long composite connection fits into the groove of your concrete post to enable your composite fence panels to be slide into place with ease.

These connection are easy to fit and ensure your installation of your new composite fencing is complete with minimal effort and ensuring a neat and correct finish.

For 6ft by 6ft fence panel replacements with composite fencing, you will require 2 concrete connectors and 10 composite fence panels to complete your full installation.

To calculate how many connectors you require and composite fence panels simple break this into 6ft fence units and using the above units 2 concrete connections and 10 composite fence panels x this by the amount of fence panels unit you have to replace.

To support one 6ft by 6ft fence panel with 2 connector and 10 composite fence panels is a total of £149.88.

Product Details

Length: 2.0m long.

Width: 50mm wide.

Thickness: 40mm.

Material: Wood Fibre & HDPE Plastic.

Colour: Black.

Surface Finish: Smooth Texture.

Warranty: 10 years residential.

Here are the benefits of this composite fence panels concrete connectors and why our customers love it.

  • Long lasting durability over the years.
  • No need to paint, seal, or stain our composite fence panels.
  • Easy install with a simple tongue and grooved connection.
  • Improved colour stability compared to wood.
  • Lightweight, strong, and easy to carry.
  • Anti-rot and splinter properties
  • Low maintenance only regular cleaning required

How to install composite fencing

How Do I Install a Composite Fence?


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