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Composite Decking Boards- Dark Grey

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Composite decking boards** Top grade decking material. Affordable price.   Dark grey composite decking board for your outdoor flooring. Timeless colour. Insect and weather resistant.

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Dark Grey Composite Decking Board For All Outdoor Project

Our composite decking board is rated by our experts as the authentic plastic wood decking solution with high performance on slip resistance*. Engineered to resist the toughest situation, the board has a 10-years warranty that ensures that you use it for a long time. Our composite decking boards have a longer length – 4 m long & 150 mm wide. 

The longer length enables minimal cuts during installation, providing a neater and flush look for any large garden project area. Our board has a wood grain surface texture that provides an enticing finish. The wood grain texture is one of the most popular and modern composite decking finishes. Also, it provides an improved scratch, fade and slip-resistance, composite board.

All our wood grain boards have two sides. There is the wood grain finish on one side, and the traditional finish on the other. It provides our customers with the choice of selecting traditional or modern finishes in one reversible composite decking board. Composite Warehouse new composite decking boards provide improved slip & fade resistance * properties. It ensures our customers stay standing in wet* or dry conditions for longer. 

And also ensure that the boards retain their colour for longer periods when compared to some competition in the market today. Besides, the dark grey finish of the board makes it beautiful and perfect for any outdoor location. All our essential plastic wood decking boards are built, especially for residential customers in mind. 

The boards are lightweight and strong enough to withstand residential pressure for well up to a decade*. Our composite decking board strength to weight ratio is very high. So, this ensures that lots of people can stand on it when having a party. Also, you can purchase our composite decking board here or from to maintain with little effort on your part. 

Here are the reasons our customers love this composite decking board.

  •  Our dark grey composite decking board has an improved surface finish that offers improved protection against UV rays, slip & scratch.
  • Our essential collection is engineered with residential customers in mind, and it has a strong & affordable 4 square hollow structure.
  • A truly affordable composite decking solution without the big price tag. With the strength and added protection against mother nature’s elements*
  •  This is a reversible wood grain board that provides a modern or traditional look in one single board.
  •  It is easy to maintain with a surface built to handle mother nature’s elements*.

Order your sample now to ascertain the board colour.

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Dimensions4000 × 150 × 22 mm

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    Value for money

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