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Grey Composite Decking Board – Essential Collection

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Essential Collection
Our grey composite decking board has a slip-resistant surface and a great colour. This colour makes our board the right outdoor board for your garden project.


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Grey Composite Decking Board – Essential Collections

Need some easy maintenance top-quality composite decking boards? Explore our grey composite decking board by Composite Warehouse. Our composite grey decking is rated by our customers as a top-grade product.

Product Details

Length: 4 m long.

Width: 150 mm wide.

Thickness: 22 mm.

Material: Wood Fibre & Plastic.

Colour: Grey.

Surface Finish: Wood Grain.

Warranty: 10 years.


Features and Benefits

Easy Maintenance

Our grey composite deck offers value for your money**. Composite Warehouse products are not only attractive; they require less cash to maintain. You will spend more time enjoying our composite deck grey than maintaining it.


The surface texture of gray composite decking is well-engineered and cleaning it requires little effort. Our grey plastic decking boards do not need to be stained or sanded. Just clean our gray composite decking with a cloth. 


Stain Resistant

Our grey deck boards are manufactured with next-generation technology**. The well-engineered capped surface will absorb less stain or moisture. Our grey boards are the perfect solution for any outdoor space—no need to worry about oil or grease stain when having a barbecue with your friends.


Our composite deck grey has a plastic-coated surface** that will absorb little oil or stain which makes cleaning it easy. You only need to scrub to remove oil or grease stain.


Improved Fade Resistant

When you are designing your outdoor decking, you have to take lots of things into consideration. The outdoor space that you will install your decking is one you should consider. When you install a decking material in outdoor space, they are directly exposed to the weather. Rain, snow and the UV rays of the sun will play on the decking.


Composite Warehouse grey composite decking has all it takes to resist fade. The well-engineered surface texture is coated with heavy pigment during production**. This makes our grey decking boards adjust to your outdoor space without losing much surface pigment.


Our composite deck grey UK has a high UV rays stability that means it will not fade or lose its pigmentation quickly. Rain and snow will not affect our grey composite deck surface colour. This is the right outdoor decking solution for your garden.


Attractive Colour

Grey composite decking boards have a well-finished wood grain surface texture. An attractive decking makes it easy to convert your home into a contemporary garden. With our wood grain grey finish, you will get the best value for your money.


Our grey deck colour lasts longer, with little fades over the years. Another feature and benefits of Composite Warehouse grey plastic decking boards is the wood grain finish** that makes it look like traditional timber decking.


This feature is one thing homeowners prefer because it looks like natural wood. If you are a timber lover and you want a deck that will replace your timber, our grey composite deck is the perfect solution for you.


Non-Slip Surface Texture

When manufacturing our plastic grey plastic decking boards, we consider your safety. Our plastic decking grey boards has an improved slip-resistant surface** that ensures you remain standing even when it is wet. The state of the art engineering of our gray composite deck makes it easy for you to walk on it barefoot.


Composite Warehouse grey decking compares with Trex grey composite decking. Composite decking grey does not get too hot in summer, and it ensures that you carry out your outdoor activities on hot summer days. 


Plastic Decking Boards 

High-quality plastic decking boards with excellent outdoor performance. Grooved side plastic decking requires clips and fasteners for installation.


No Material Defect

We have made our composite decking grey to resist weather elements—no need to worry that Composite Warehouse grey composite decking boards will splinter or warp after installing it. With a 5 mm space between the boards, our grey decking boards will expand and contract gracefully when the temperature changes.


Lightweight and Easy to Install

The strength to weight ratio of our gray composite deck is high. This ensures that our board is lightweight and strong at the same time. Building a decking with Composite Warehouse grey decking means that it will hold the weight of people standing on it better than other decking materials out there in the market.


Like grey composite decking, our grey boards are easy to cut when you are installing them. Pre-drilling and attaching our grey decking to the joists is easy and requires little effort. The grooved side finish of our composite decking makes it easy to install. Installing our composite decking board is easy, and you can do it with hidden fasteners.


Ten Years Warranty & Competitive Price

Our attractive grey composite decking has a ten-year warranty that ensures you use it for a long time. Throughout its warranty, its colour will not fade, and it will not break, warp or splinter. Termites will not destroy our grey composite decking boards because they are resistant to insects.


Longer Length

Our grey plastic decking has a long length – 4 m long and 140 mm wide. This gives our composite board a large surface area and makes it easy for you to install it.

Here are the features our customers love in our grey composite decking boards

  • Our grey composite decking offers the best value for your money. Composite Warehouse grey decking boards have a competitive price that is better than the competition.
  • Ten years warranty means longer decking lifespan. Our grey plastic decking will last longer than timber.
  • Well-engineered composite decking grey with improved slip and fade-resistant surface texture.
  • Attractive wood grain grey surface finish that replaces timber decking perfectly.
  • Easyclean grey composite decking boards that require little effort to maintain.
  • Insect-resistant grey composite decking. Splinter, warp or crack-resistant gray composite deck.

Additional information

Dimensions4000 × 150 × 22 mm

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