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Wood Grain Oak Composite Decking Board – Timeless

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£29.99 /board

This wood grain composite decking has a texture that makes it look like wood. It is the preferred choice for homeowners that want a composite decking board that will replace their wood.


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Wood Grain Oak Composite Decking Board – Timeless

The Timeless Wood Grain Composite Decking Board is a second-generation decking material with a 0.5 mm entirely capped layer. The layer provides a hard-wearing shell which will resist some of the toughest stains. It ensures everyday stains like oil, dirt, wine and drink stains are a thing of the past.


Our Wood Grain boards have been engineered to survive the test of time and the element of mother nature. This beautiful oak composite decking board has the advantage of being easy to maintain. To maintain a decking built with this board, all you need to do is to sweep the surface regularly. There is no need to sand, oil, and paint the decking.


Also, it will not break or crack when exposed to fluctuations in temperature. Our board has a shield that is made up of HDPE plastics. This shield ensures that there is no breeding ground for mould & mildew and repels some of the toughest stains.


This shield provides consistent colour, losing only a small amount of colour through its life span. Moreover, the wood grain finish will bestow your outdoor space a better look. In terms of strength, this oak composite decking board is strong and can withstand the weight of people standing on top. So, your young ones can play on it, and you can have an outdoor party on it or just relax on your decking.


Another exciting aspect of this wood-plastic board is that the surface is slip-resistant. This exciting feature means that you will not stumble when you walk on it when it is wet. So, you can install it in an environment close to water like near your swimming pool or close to a dock.


Below are reasons our customers love this oak composite decking board.

  • A Wood Grain Oak Composite Board that comes with a 25 years warranty*.
  • Timeless Wood Grain Oak Board that has a scratch-resistant and a slip-resistant surface* that remains beautiful for years to come.
  •  You can install this grooved board with clips and fasteners.
  • The composite decking board is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • This composite board provides a superior surface finish after installation. 


Order your sample now to ascertain the board colour.

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Dimensions3600 × 138 × 23 mm

1 review for Wood Grain Oak Composite Decking Board – Timeless

  1. Zoe Bert (store manager)

    Great service and Great Product.

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