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Create your dream low maintenance garden with our large range of composite materials from cladding your exterior home, or new garden room, even switching or replacing your fencing with our composite fence panels that will not only modern your garden but ensure it stands out with its large variety of colour and surface texture finishes.

Even keep it traditional with our composite decking boards with their natural reversible grooves or wood grain finishes, developed to provide our consumers with alternative low maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and decay with their low moisture absorption ensuring you never need to stain, seal or even paint your deck.

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Shed Cladding Boards Dark Grey

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This attractive plastic shed cladding board is finished with a surface that makes it look like wood. The board is strong, durable, and lightweight. Also, it is easy to install and doesn’t require elaborate maintenance.

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Dark Grey Composite Cladding Boards 


Our dark grey plastic cladding board is a building material that is used to cover the exterior wall of any home building as a decorative addition. The design is a sanded finish available in 3600mm x 172mm x 22mm dimensions.


Our composite cladding boards in dark grey are produced with a mix of wood fibres and HDPE plastics. The surface treatment on our cladding boards is then sanded to provide a natural wood look and texture.


Composite cladding is lightweight, making it easier to move the boards resulting in a faster installation that isn’t labor intensive. Connecting our composite cladding boards together couldn’t be easier with their shiplap design, saving you both money and time.


Maintaining our composite cladding panels is simple and straightforward. All you need is a bucket of warm water, a soapy solution and a soft brush. First, hose down the cladding area to remove any natural debris. You can start cleaning using your soft brush and hot soapy water. Remove any remaining solution on the cladding boards with a hose. Please ensure this is done regularly during the seasons to keep your composite cladding looking as good as possible.


The composite cladding has many advantages over traditional timber.

Here are some advantages that customers love:


A key feature of composite cladding is that there is no requirement in regards to regular sealing, sanding, and staining, as you will with wooden cladding.


A noticeable key feature when it comes to advantages over wood is its durability and stability of colour. Traditional timber cladding has to be regularly maintained to keep the surface looking strong and vibrant. Composite cladding colour is much more stable and longer lasting when it comes to the consistency of colour. Of course, the colour will lighten over time. However, it will retain the majority of its colour over the years of use. 


Another feature that composite has over timber is its ability to resist termites. Insects such as termites cannot start decomposing composite like they do with timber. Composite decking has protective properties that prevent a large amount of moisture from penetrating through the surface of the board and being held in the core of the product. This prevents the decaying/deterioration process and the growth of fungi and algae. 


Here are the benefits of this plastic cladding board and why our customers love it.


  • Trending dark grey colour.
  • No need to paint, seal, or stain the cladding board.
  • It is easy to install with simple equipment and requires minimal skill.
  • The plastic cladding board has a long life span due to its durability and resistance to mother nature elements.
  • Its featherweight design makes it easy to carry.


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