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Create your dream low maintenance garden with our large range of composite materials from cladding your exterior home, or new garden room, even switching or replacing your fencing with our composite fence panels that will not only modern your garden but ensure it stands out with its large variety of colour and surface texture finishes.

Even keep it traditional with our composite decking boards with their natural reversible grooves or wood grain finishes, developed to provide our consumers with alternative low maintenance decking solutions that are resistant to rotting, splintering, and decay with their low moisture absorption ensuring you never need to stain, seal or even paint your deck.

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Vertical Fencing Panel Made With Composite Fencing MaterialsVertical Fencing Panel Made With Composite Fencing Materials

Vertical Fencing Panel


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Vertical Composite Fencing 6ft by 6ft Units


Introducing the first of its kind and seen in the U.K. our vertical fencing unit. Produced to focus on the traditional fence panel. This in product boast the benefits of composite fencing with its low maintenance solution as well as providing a strong, durable and weather-resistant fence unit.

Our 6ft by 6ft vertical composite fencing units can we slide into place using aluminium fencing post or even slide into your existing concrete posts.

Composite fencing is a fastly growing trend due to its ability to resist termite damage, low water absorption and its fade resistance properties.

Finally, a fencing solution that requires low upkeep with no regular painting or maintenance needed.

Our vertical fence panel is lightweight and easy to install, meaning less labour intense work and can easily be fitted by a DIY home improver.

Cleaning and maintaining your vertical fencing panel is simple and easy. Some hot soapy water and a soft brush regularly during the season will ensure a long-lasting fencing unit with no painting.

You don’t have to sand, oil, and paint the fence so that it will last long. Also, this fencing will not cost you much money to maintain. And maintaining it requires little time.

Ensure your garden stands out from the crowd. With this brand new and never been seen vertical fence panel, not only a low maintenance solution, but traditional in design ensuring a modern but traditional feel to your new garden make over.

Here are some reasons our customers rated this vertical composite fencing panel.

  • Our composite fencing is a long-lasting, low-maintenance fencing solution.
  • A vertical fencing unit with fade resistance properties.
  • A vertical composite fence that gives your yard the privacy it deserves.
  • Composite fencing is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Rich in colour with modern appeal.
  • It is easy to maintain with a texture that will not absorb water and stains.

How to install composite fencing

How Do I Install a Composite Fence?


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