Composite decking boards have been in use for some decade now. As we advance in days, homeowners increasingly recognise the importance of composite decking boards. Homeowners are using composite decking for several reasons ranging from durability to easy maintenance and easy to install. This write-up explains the reasons composite decking boards are better than wood.

Durability of Composite Decking Boards

Durability is one reason composite decking boards are better than wood. What this infers is that composite wood decking will last longer than timber decking. This is because composite decking boards will better resist mother nature elements. Also, composite decking boards will withstand insects like termite attack. 

Wood decking is not durable like composite boards. It is because the weather can effortlessly destroy timber. Also, termites will eat timber because timber fibre is food for it. Timber decking boards are indeed treated with chemicals to make them strong, but wood will eventually lose its durability after you have utilised it for some time.

Composite Decking Boards Are Easy to Install

Another reason composite decking boards are better than wood is that you can install it effortlessly unlike wood. When you purchase composite decking and want to install it, you will find that you can cut the boards with a saw. Aside from cutting, you can lift composite decking boards effortlessly because it is lightweight. 

Easy Clean Composite Decking Boards

Another reason composite decking boards are better than wood is that it is easy-clean. Easy clean is a name in the decking industry that decking makers give to products that you can maintain easily. Note that all decking material requires maintenance, whether it is wood or composite decking board.

 But how you go about maintaining your decking goes a long way to create satisfaction or dissatisfaction. You can take care of or maintain your composite decking boards easily with a cloth to wipe the surface or a hose to spray dirt off. Wood or timber decking is not easy-clean. 

This is because you have to paint, sand, stain or seal your timber decking if you want it to last long. Also, since timber decking will breed mould and mildew if the surface is moist, you will waste your timber scrubbing and scrubbing mould off timber surface. 

Resistant to Weather Elements 

Composite decking boards are resistant to weather elements better than timber decking. This implies that rain cannot infiltrate your composite decking boards. The advantage of this is that your composite decking boards will not swell and eventually rot. Also, the extreme temperature will not affect your plastic wood decking.

It will not split, splinter, warp or crack like timber decking. Wood decking will swell and rot because it does not have the capped surface texture of plastic wood decking. The fluctuating temperature will make your composite boards expand if you install them well. Timber will not expand. Instead, timber will crack or break if the temperature changes.

No Painting Required

This is another reason composite decking boards are better than wood decking. When you install plastic wood decking, you don’t have to paint it to look better. Wood decking has only one look that is the reason you must paint or stain it to give it another surface pigment. Plastic wood decking comes in lots of colours so you can select any you want. 

The disadvantage of painting wood decking is that paint fades quickly. What this implies is that you must paint or stain your wood decking regularly if you want the surface pigment to last long. When you build your outdoor decking with composite boards, you don’t have to give it any paint.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Outdoor decking

Composite decking boards are attractive. This is another reason homeowners endorsed it as better than wood. With composite boards installed in your garden, you can build or create a contemporary garden that will make your property attractive. Also, composite boards have the wood grain surface finish and the non-slip surface finish. 

The wood grain surface finish of composite boards makes it to look like timber. So, if you desire the traditional timber look but don’t like wood decking, you can install wood grain composite decking.

When building decking in your garden, you should consider composite decking boards better than wood decking. We look at the various reason composite decking boards are better than wood, and you can see that it is worth considering.


Reasons composite decking is better than wood. Plastic wood decking is better than wood decking because it is durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, easy to maintain, and lightweight.

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