Composite decking, also known as plastic wood composite, is an outdoor flooring material. This outdoor flooring material is increasingly becoming popular today because of its durability. When a structural material is durable, it will last longer than others. If you are contemplating building decking in your outdoor space, there are lots of reasons you should choose composite decking. This write-up explains the reasons composite decking has a longer lifespan. 

Composite Decking Is a Composite Material

The number one reason composite decking has a longer lifespan because it is a composite material. What is a composite material? Engineers used the term composite to refer to any building or structural material that is a mixture of more than one material. This implies that for a material to be considered structural, it must contain two or more materials of different properties. 

Concrete is one example of composite material. This is because concrete contains loose sand and cement. The materials that are used to make composite decking are wood and plastic. Makers of composite decking use recycled timber and polythene. These two materials have different properties that make them distinct. 

When they are combined with a bonding agent and heated, they form a new product that is better and more durable than the original two. Composite boards are stronger and more durable than timber or plastic. Composite materials have the same advantage of being more durable and better than the original materials used to make them. 

Composite Boards Are Durable

Durability is the ability of decking material to resist the elements and last longer without getting damaged. Composite decking is a synthetic or composite material that will last longer because it is durable. As a stronger composite material than wood, plastic wood composite will resist the elements and insects like termites.

 Rain, dew, mist, or moisture will not destroy your plastic wood composite. What rain or moisture does to decking is infiltrated it. If a decking absorbs rain, it will eventually swell as a result of an increase in water. If the decking swell, then it will rot if it does not dry on time. If the decking dries quickly, then it will shrink or crack. Wood or timber decking will absorb water.

This is because the surface is not plastic coated. Composite decking is plastic coated; that is why it will not absorb water. When wood decking absorbs water, it will increase in size. If it dries quickly, it will shrink or crack, but if it doesn’t dry quickly, it will rot. Composite boards will not rot, crack, break or swell; that is why they will last longer.

Aside from moisture, composite boards will resist termites and other wood-eating bugs to attack. If you install your composite decking outdoors, you might expose it to termites. Since termite will not eat your decking, it will last longer. Wood decking does not perform well when it comes to termite. This is because termite will easily eat timber and destroy it.

Composite Decking Is Easy to Clean

Reasons Composite Decking Has Longer Lifespan

All decking and household materials require cleaning. But the way you clean them differs. Wood materials require lots of cleaning. You have to wipe the surface of your timber with a cloth to make it clean. Aside from that, you have to paint or stain your timber decking to make it look better. Other household materials also require this kind of cleaning.

 Composite decking does not require cleaning like timber. When you install your plastic wood composite outdoors, cleaning it will be easy. With a cloth and brush, you can easily clean your plastic wood composite. You don’t have to paint or stain your plastic wood composite to make it look attractive. 

Also, you won’t waste your time scrubbing and scrubbing your decking to make it clean. The surface of composite decking is resistant to mould and mildew. This implies that mould will not sprout on it. It is unlike wood that can be attacked by mould. If mould sprout on wood decking, it will distort the surface. But since mould will not sprout on composite decking, then its surface will not be distorted.


Composite decking has a longer lifespan for many reasons. It is a composite material, and it is more durable and stronger than wood decking. Also, composite decking is easier to maintain.

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