One good thing about a good decking material like composite decking is that you can install it yourself. What this implies is that if you possess the right tools and the right skills, you can install your composite decking. And installing it in your backyard is easy. But there come a time when you might be confused and don’t know how high your decking should be. This write-up addresses answer the question, should I build a flush or elevated decking?

What Is a Flush Decking?

When building your decking, you might have to build a flush decking. A flush decking is a type of decking that is close to the ground. When you install this kind of decking in your garden or backyard, you don’t have to jump or raise your feet much before you climb it. Grasses cannot grow underneath your flush decking.

What Is an Elevated Decking?

Unlike the flush decking, an elevated decking is one that is high from the ground. This kind of composite decking has long posts that raise the decking surface above the ground level. When you install an elevated decking, you have to raise your feet high before you climb it. One thing about elevated decking is that grasses can grow under it or animals can hider under it. This implies that you have to use a weed killer to ensure that grasses do not grow underneath your decking.

When to Use a Flush or Elevated Decking

Whether you will use an elevated or flush garden depends on your decking project. Also, you have to take into account the level of your home. If your home level is close to the ground, you should build a ground level decking that will match your home. But if the level of your home is high from the ground, then you have to build an elevated decking to match with your home. 

How to Build a Flush Garden

flush decking

Building a flush garden starts with clearing the place you will install the decking.

Step One – Clear the Area

The first deed you should do if you want to build a flush garden is to mark the area and clear it. You will need a shovel to shovel dirt or grasses for this task. Ensure that you remove all obstacles from the area you will install your decking. If there is a tree in the place, you can build the surrounding decking. After clearing the area, you should ensure that you level it to get a straight decking. 

Step Two – Install the Post

After levelling the place you will install your composite decking, then you can dig holes around it. Remember that this is a flush or ground level decking and that the posts will not be high. Ensure that the holes are dip so that the posts will enter it well. After that, you should put the posts in the holes and cover it with cement.

You have to wait until the cement is dry and the posts are strong before you proceed. If you don’t want to use posts, you can use cement slabs as your decking foundation. Instead of fixing your joists to the ground, you will just fix it to the slab or the posts. 

Step Three – Build the Joists

Depending on whether you are using posts or cement slabs, you should attach the outer planks to the posts or slabs. Fix the outer planks to one another with screws and then attach the inner planks. Then you can proceed to build the whole substructure. Ensure that the space between the joists should not be more than 16 cm for composite decking.

Step Four – Attach the Composite Boards

After building the joists, you should attach the boards to complete your decking installation. Start from one side of your decking until you have finished installing everything. For this task, you have to use a starter and T-clips. When you have finished installing your decking, you can cover the edges and clean the top.

How to Install an Elevated Composite Decking

The way you install an elevated decking is similar to how you install a ground-level decking. The difference is that if you use posts, the posts will be high. For elevated decking, you don’t have to use cement slabs. If you have passed the second step, the other steps are the same for elevated and flush decking.


Should I build a flush or elevated decking? Whether you build a flush or elevated decking depends on the level of your garden or your house. If your house level is close to the ground, then you can build a flush garden. But if not, then you can build an elevated decking.

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