Are you planning an outdoor flooring project and don’t know which kind of decking to use? There are different outdoor decking materials that you can use to floor your outdoor space. You can use wood outdoor decking material, or you can use composite decking. Wood decking has been the traditional outdoor flooring material for a long time. Composite decking is relatively new in the market, but it is better than wood decking. Homeowners are confused because they don’t know the kind of decking to buy. So, should I buy wood or composite decking?

Wood Decking vs Composite Decking

We mentioned earlier that wood decking is the traditional decking type, and homeowners had used it before they developed composite decking. Wood decking contains only wood fibre as its main material composition, while composite decking contains wood and plastic mixed and heated. The difference between them aside from material composition is that one is stronger than the other. 

You can guess that composite decking is stronger than timber decking. This is one reason WPC decking will last longer than timber. Aside from that, WPC decking is more expensive than timber decking. This is another reason homeowners hesitate to purchase composite decking. To know if you should buy wood or composite decking, let’s consider their attributes.

Wood Decking Attributes


Wood decking is durable if its makers add chemicals to make it strong. With chemicals, wood decking will resist insects and weather. Chemicals will make the wood decking firm and squeeze out moisture from the wood fibre. This means that timber decking will be able to withstand the pressure mother nature placed on it.

 But wood decking durability is limited. Although timber is treated with chemicals to make it durable, its durability will not last long. Eventually, as you use the wood decking, it will lose its strength and become resistant to insect and weather. This is why homeowners claim that wood decking got destroyed easily.


You can maintain your timber decking by cleaning or spraying the top. But how you do timber decking maintenance is difficult. Besides the normal cleaning with cloth or spraying with a power washer, you must sand, seal, or stain your timber decking. Timber outdoor decking is susceptible to mould and mildew attack. 

So, when you are maintaining your timber decking, you must scrub and scrub to remove mould. Also, wood decking maintenance consumes lots of cash. This is because you have to purchase the paint or stain you will use to maintain your timber decking. 

Aesthetically Appealing

Timber decking is aesthetically appealing is you are a lover of the traditional timber look. But if you want a different pigment, buying timber decking is not an option. This is because you must paint or stain your timber decking to give it a different colour.

Composite Decking Attributes

decking for you to buy


Durability is one attribute of composite decking that makes it worth buying. Composite decking will survive for a long time when you use it to build a decking in your house. You can use your plastic wood decking for up to 25 years because of its durability. 

Your composite or plastic wood decking will resist termites and elements of mother nature better than timber. That is why if you contemplate durability, you will buy composite decking instead of wood. Composite decking will not split, break, crack, or warp when you use it to build a decking like timber.


Another important attribute of composite decking is that you can take care of it effortlessly. When you buy composite decking, you don’t have to sand, stain, seal, or paint it to make it stay longer. 

Unlike wood that becomes susceptible to mould, composite decking will not become susceptible to mould, so you don’t have to remove mould. You can use a light cloth to clean the top of your plastic wood decking, or you can use a hose or power washer to spray dirt. The maintenance process of plastic wood decking will not cost you lots of cash like timber decking. 

Aesthetic Value

Composite decking has a better aesthetic value than wood decking. When you buy plastic wood decking, you can choose any colour or surface pigment that you want. Unlike wood that must be painted if you want a different colour, composite decking does not require painting. Also, the surface pigment of composite decking will last for a long time than that of timber.


Should I buy wood or composite decking? If you are contemplating building a decking, you should buy composite decking because it is more durable, easy to maintain, and it has attractive surface pigment.   

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