Composite decking is made with long-lasting colour that makes them attractive. The average lifespan of composite wood decking is 25 years. So, if your decking will last for 25 years, it will stay beautiful for most of that time. Then, why should homeowners change their composite wood decking colour when it lasts long? The answer is that most homeowners are not satisfied with their decking’s colour. The solution is to change the colour so that it matches that of other structures in their environment. But is it necessary to change the colour of your composite wood decking?

Note: One thing homeowners should know about composite decking boards colour is that it is long-lasting than wood. This means that homeowners who install wood-plastic decking will enjoy the beautiful colour of their decking better than those that install wood. Plastic wood decking colour will last long, but this does not imply that plastic wood decking will not experience any colour changes. When you purchase plastic wood decking and install it in your garden, the decking will lose a little amount of colour. This is because the decking colour will adjust to the environment and then stabilise after that. Makers of composite wood decking account for this during making the decking by giving it heavy pigmentation. So, when the decking colour adjusts, your decking will still stay beautiful and will not fade to the UV rays like timber decking. 

Why Changing Your Composite Decking Colour is not Necessary

When you purchase composite wood decking, you will receive a guarantee that covers the colour of the boards. Makers of composite wood decking made it so that the colour or surface pigment will last longer. If you choose to change the colour of your composite wood decking, you will lose the warranty attached to the decking colour.

Should I Change My Composite Wood Decking Colour?

 If eventually your decking colour fade, then you cannot hold the maker responsible. Most homeowners use latex paint or stain to change their decking colour. Paint will fade rapidly because of the UV rays of the sun or because of foot traffic. This makes replacing the beautiful colour of your decking not worth it because you have to paint the decking annually.

Reason Homeowner Change Their Composite Wood Decking Colour

Homeowners decide to change their plastic wood decking colour for many reasons. One reason is to create a consistent theme with other structure in their garden or yard. If you have a fence and a cladding on your property, then you can make the colour of your composite decking match theirs. Homeowners have done this by either staining or painting their decking. If you have black cladding and fencing, for example, you can change the colour of your decking to black.

 Also, most garden owners paint their flower vase or pot to make them attractive. You can also paint your composite materials so that they will match the pots or vase. Another reason homeowners paint their decking is to conceal scratches. Most homeowners drag objects on their decking, and this leads to scratches. For them, the best way to conceal the scratches is to give them good paint or stain. So, instead of replacing the composite boards, you can simply paint them.

How to Paint Your Composite Wood Decking

Note that we do not urge that you paint or stain your wood-plastic decking because it voids the warranty on its colour. But if you must, you should follow the steps of painting we explain below.

Step One – Sand the Plastic Wood Decking

Before you commence painting your plastic wood decking, you should sand the surface to ensure it is smooth. This is after cleaning the decking to remove dirt from the surface.

Step Two – Paint the Top

After sanding, you should apply the stain or paint to the top of your plastic wood decking. Ensure that you apply it along the grain of your plastic wood decking boards. Then you should wait until your plastic wood decking dries before you start using the decking. 

Changing the colour of your composite wood decking is one way to conceal defects like scratches on your decking. You should only paint your plastic wood decking when it is necessary. 


Should I change the colour of my composite wood decking? We don’t recommend changing the colour of your plastic wood decking. But if you must, you can give your plastic wood decking a good latex painting. 

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