This is a tough question to answer if you are new to the decking industry. Choosing the right type of decking can be challenging when you don’t know which decking to purchase. This is because there are wood decking, composite decking and plastic decking. Evaluating these decking materials will reveal their advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are contemplating installing decking in your home, which should you choose? Should you choose timber or plastic, or composite wood decking? 

What Is a Wood Decking?

A wood decking is an outdoor patio that is made of timber. As a natural decking material, wood decking must be treated so that it will last long. That is why makers of timber decking use chemicals to treat their lumber to increase its lifespan. Of the three decking materials that we mentioned, wood decking is the cheapest. Depending on the size of the lumber decking, the price range can be between £15 to £19 per board. This is minus the cost to install the wood decking.

 If you look beyond the price of timber decking and consider its durability, lumber is not durable. The average lifespan of lumber is 12 years with laborious maintenance. Timber decking needs a good cleaning to ensure that all dirt is thoroughly removed. Aside from that, lumber needs sealing to ensure that the core of the board is free from moisture. This is in addition to the sanding and staining that you will give your timber regularly. 

Since wood decking loses its colour rapidly, then you must paint it. You have to sand your lumber decking before you apply the paint to the surface. Also, before you sell your timber decking, you have to sand the top so that no dirt will be trapped between the seals. The aesthetic of wood decking is another thing that makes it less attractive. If you don’t prefer the old timber look, you must paint it with any pigment that you want. All this lumber decking maintenance costs money which does not make timber cost-effective decking material. 

What Is Composite Wood Decking?

Another type of decking is composite decking. This decking material is synthetic and composite. As a composite, plastic wood decking is stronger than wood, but it is more expensive. The process of making composite decking does not require added chemicals. This makes plastic wood decking an eco-friendly decking material. The benefits of plastic wood decking are numerous. You don’t have to sand to make the surface of the decking smooth. 

This is because painting composite decking is not necessary. The surface colour or pigment is attractive and will not fade rapidly like timber colour. When you purchase composite, you don’t have to seal the surface to prevent moisture. Moisture will destroy your decking rapidly, but with composite decking, no worries. The maintenance of wood-plastic decking is easy and will not consume your cash. This makes plastic wood decking a cost-effective material. The aesthetic of wood-plastic decking is another thing that makes it better. 

 timber or Plastic or Composite Wood Decking?

Using composite decking will make your property attractive. Besides, you don’t have to paint the surface of wood-plastic decking to make it shine. Installing composite decking in your property will create a contemporary garden like other modern gardens. The lifespans of wood-plastic decking is another thing to consider. Plastic wood decking remains for 25 years, unlike timber that remains for ten years. The cost of plastic wood decking is more than timber, and it offers better recoup than timber. 

What Is Plastic Decking?

Plastic decking is like wood-plastic decking. This decking contains only plastic and has a similar property to composite decking. Plastic decking offers the easy maintenance of composite decking. You don’t have to sand plastic decking before you paint the surface. Also, plastic decking will not grow mould like lumber. When you install plastic in the open, it will not crack, shrink, break or splinter. This makes maintaining plastic decking easier than timber. The price of plastic decking is more than wood, but it lasts longer than timber. Since you won’t spend your cash maintaining plastic decking, it offers a better recoup than timber decking.

Which Should You Choose?

Selecting the right decking is a lot easier after considering the attributes of the various decking. Composite decking is one decking that stands out of the three. This is because composite is easy to maintain, and it lasts longer than wood. Also, composite has great colour and is aesthetically pleasing than timber or plastic decking.


If you are contemplating if you should choose timber or plastic, or composite wood decking, you should consider the attributes of each decking. Composite decking stands out from the other two decking materials because it is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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