Yes, you can clad your home with good composite cladding material. Covering your house is a way to modify the exterior. The cladding material that you installed on it will transform it into a beautiful structure.

Not only will the cladding beautify your house, but it will also raise the value of the home. What it implies is that if you intend to sell the house in the future, you will reap the reward of installing a cladding material. 

It is because most homeowners prefer a house that has all the features that will enhance its appearance. That is the first thing they will consider when they look at your home.

 Aside from raising the value, cladding on your home will protect the wall from the elements of nature. It means that your home structure will be further enhanced when you install a durable cladding.

Should I Clad My Home?

Cladding will indeed beautify your home and add value to it. But the extent to which a cladding improves your home depends on the material.

There are different cladding materials available in the market. All of the cladding materials are good, but some are better than others.

What this implies is that you can’t compare the materials with one another in terms of durability, aesthetics, and strength. 

Wood Cladding Materials

The timber cladding material is suitable for your home. As the name implies, wood cladding panels are made from wood.

It means that trees are cut in the process of making the cladding board. And the timber must be treated if it is a softwood. 

 If the timber is a hardwood, then, there will be no need to treat it. Softwood is treated with chemicals to make them resistant to insect attack. Also, chemicals will make them immune to elements of nature. Hardwood is made of cedar.

 They are naturally strong wood that will not break easily. Also, hardwood is naturally resistant to insect attack. All these features of wood cladding are exciting, but you should know that they have their setbacks. First, there is this issue of maintenance. 

Wood materials are challenging to maintain. You have to clean your wood cladding regularly. Also,  you might have to sand, seal, oil and stain your wood cladding to make it resist elements of nature. 

 The problem with wood cladding is that as you used it for some time, it loses its durability.  So, this means that a newly installed wood cladding is more durable than a wood cladding that you fix for 5-years. 

Composite Cladding Materials

Composite cladding, unlike wood cladding, is made of wood fibre and plastic. The finish material is a strong and durable composite cladding board that will last longer than the wood cladding.

As a synthetic material, composite cladding is durable and resists elements of nature. It will not warp if you install it in a place that is under the direct sunlight.

Also, the insect that attacks wood will not attack composite cladding. When installed for a long time, the composite cladding will not fade like wood cladding.

Another exciting aspect of composite cladding is the little maintenance that it requires. You see, you don’t have to sand, would, seal, or stain your composite cladding to make it last.

The aesthetics value of composite cladding cannot be ignored. Composite cladding is beautiful and is customised to have a wood grain finish. Note that homeowners prefer the wood grain finish.

Vinyl Cladding Materials 

Vinyl cladding is another type of cladding that is durable and resistant to insects and weather. This cladding material is better than wood and is as good as a composite cladding.

The difference between vinyl and composite cladding is that vinyl cannot be finished with a wood grain finish. 

Stone Cladding Materials

Stone cladding is one of the strongest cladding in the market. The setback of stone is the cost and the weight it adds to the structure it is installed.

The different cladding materials have attributes that make them unique. When cladding your home, you should make sure you use a material that is not only durable but easy to maintain and add value to your home.


Should I clad my home? Yes, cladding is one way you can improve the appearance of your home and boost the value in case of a future sale.

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