Homeowners have used wood decking before makers of composite decking develop it. Wood decking required sealing to make it last longer and to reduce water absorption. When composite decking was developed, its makers advertised it as a durable and easy maintenance decking material. This implies that, unlike wood decking, you don’t have to seal your composite decking. This write-up addresses if you should seal your composite decking. 

What Is a Composite Decking?

The difference between composite decking and wood decking is that one is a synthetic material while the other is not. Composite decking contains timber and recycled plastic. These two materials are mixed in a factory with a bonding agent. After producing the composite boards, they will cut them into shape to use to build your decking. The advantage of plastic wood decking is that it will last longer than timber decking. When you install your plastic wood decking outdoors, it will last longer. 

Why Homeowners Seal Their Decking

Homeowners seal their decking to prevent moisture or excess water from entering the decking board. When you install a decking outdoor in your garden, it becomes susceptible to rain, snow, and moisture from the atmosphere. Rain or moisture will enter into the decking boards and can destroy them. 

This implies that when rain falls or excess moisture in the atmosphere, your decking will take in the moisture. The disadvantage of that is that your decking will swell. And when decking swells, it will expand and rot. So, to prevent their decking from swelling, decking material makers recommend sealing the decking with a good sealant.

Does Composite Decking Requires Sealing

Recollect that we stated that composite decking is a durable material that will last longer than timber. Also, the plastic wood composite will not swell or expand like timber decking. This suggests that makers of composite decking made it so that it will resist the elements better than other decking types. 

When you install fixed composite boards outdoors in your garden, it will not take in excess moisture. Aside from that, the plastic wood composite will not shrink or warp. Regarding sealing, composite decking does not require sealing to make it last longer. This is because plastic wood composite has an improved surface texture that reduces how it takes in moisture. 

The plastic-coated surface of composite decking reduces the amount of water and other liquid that it takes it. And since composite boards will not absorb moisture like wood, there is no need to seal them. But some homeowners decode to seal their plastic wood composite because they want to. When homeowners seal their composite decking, it is optional and not necessary.

What Kind of Sealer Should I Use?

Now that we have established that most homeowners seal their composite decking because they want to, we can discuss the kind of sealer to use. Sealing composite decking is the same as staining it with a good stain. So, if you want to seal your composite decking, you will have to purchase a good satin stain in the market. Note that we will not recommend the kind of sealer that you should buy. But if you know the durable one, and it will not fade quickly, you can use it. 

How to Seal My Composite Decking

Should I Seal My Composite Decking?

Sealing your composite decking begins with removing everything you put on it. After removing what is on top of your decking, you can then process to clean the top. Note that the sealing process coincides with the process of maintenance. So, you should seal your composite decking when you are maintaining it. 

Clean the top of your plastic wood composite thoroughly until you have taken all dirt away. If you must, you can scrub oil or grease stain from the top of your plastic wood decking. After scrubbing and cleaning your WPC decking, you can rinse the top with water until you have removed all dirt from the surface. 

Then, you should empty the stain into a bucket and use a roller to apply the stain on the surface of your plastic wood decking. Do this along the grain of your composite boards that is from one edge to the other. When you have finished sealing your plastic wood composite, you can leave it to dry.


Should I seal my composite decking? You don’t have to seal your composite decking to make it last longer. But if you want to, you should use a good sealer to stain the surface of your plastic wood decking.

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