If you are familiar with composite decking, then you will understand why you should use composite cladding in your home.

 This is because composite cladding is similar to composite decking. Composite cladding advantages, like composite decking, are numerous. 

So, to know why you should use composite cladding in your house, you will read more about the advantages.

Plastic-Wood Cladding Is Durable

Composite cladding is like composite decking in that it is made with materials that make it last longer than most decking types.

 It will survive for 25 years, and it will not deteriorate. The materials utilised to make composite cladding are wood fibre and plastics. 

What occurred was that the wood fibre and plastic were mixed in a factory and then bound with an adhesive.

When the production of the board is complete, it is then cut into shapes and sold as composite cladding boards.

These cladding boards are stronger than traditional wood. Also, the cladding does not need the addition of chemicals to make it strong. 

In addition to being strong, composite cladding is lightweight. This suggests that it will not put additional pressure on the structure of your home.

Plastic-Wood Cladding Requires Low Maintenance 

To know why this is an advantage, you have to examine wood cladding. Wood cladding required elaborate maintenance. First, you have to give it a regular cleaning. 

Then you have to sand, oil, paint or stain your wood so that it will last a long time. Note that this maintenance must be done at least once a year. If it is not, wood cladding will not last. 

Composite cladding, on the other hand, does not require much maintenance. No need for you to oil, sand, seal or stain your composite cladding. 

This is even better because cladding is unlike decking, which is reachable. Your cladding can be high up in your house.

So, cleaning or maintaining wood cladding will be difficult. 

But thanks to composite cladding, you can use it without worrying about elaborate maintenance.

Plastic-Wood Cladding Is Beautiful 

One interesting thing about cladding is that it is not just installed to provide house protection. They are also installed to make the house beautiful. 

use composite cladding in your home

Composite decking satisfies this last requirement because it has a beautiful finish.

You can get plastic-wood cladding in different colours. There are brown, dark brown, grey, dark grey, and oak composite cladding.

 All of them have a beautiful texture. Another thing about composite cladding is that it can be made to look like wood.

This is one attribute that plastic-wood cladding possesses that other cladding materials don’t. 

The benefit of this is that it appeals to homeowners who love the wood look. They will see composite cladding as the ultimate replacement for wood.

Plastic-Wood Cladding Is Resistant

Composite cladding or plastic-wood cladding is resistant to a lot of things. First, it is resistant to the elements of the weather. Such elements include the sun’s rays, rain, and wind. 

The sun’s light contains UV rays that can fade the surface of wood cladding. That is why you have to paint wood cladding from time to time. 

The composite cladding board has an everlasting colour that will not fade when exposed to the rays of the sun. 

Rainwater can destroy wood cladding and affect its durability if it is installed in an exposed location.

 Plastic-wood cladding has an extra layer of plastic on its surface that makes it not absorb water. 

This means that composite cladding will not swell or rot when you use it for a long time. In addition to that, the composite cladding will not splinter or warp when exposed to sunlight.

Also, insects like termites will not be able to attack your composite cladding. 

Composite Cladding Is Easy to Install

Another benefit of composite cladding is that it is easy to install. You can cut your plastic-wood boards easily when using them in your home.

 Also, the process of installing it requires simple tools like a drill machine, saw, screws, and measuring tape. 

In addition, it is lightweight and can be moved from the ground to the top of a wall easily.

This gives composite cladding materials an edge over other cladding materials. Also, it is one reason you should use composite cladding in your home.


Should I use composite cladding in my home? The advantages of composite cladding are more than enough reason for you to consider using it to clad your home.

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