Homeowners are always on the hunt, looking for how to improve their property. There are several materials garden owners can use to improve their outdoor space. One such material is patio pavers. Another outdoor flooring solution is composite decking. Garden owners contemplating building flooring in their backyard will have to choose by selecting composite decking or patio pavers. Depending on whether you want aesthetic, easy maintenance and durability, you will have to select an outdoor flooring solution suitable for you. So, should you install composite decking or patio pavers? This write-up provides the answer. 

What Is Composite Wood Decking?

Unlike most other outdoor flooring solutions, composite wood decking is a material that contains two distinct components. The first component of composite decking is wood. The wood engineers used to produce composite is made from paper, wood dust, ground waste, and other timber leftovers. The other component of the composite deck is plastic. Like the wood which is got from waste, the plastic is from plastic bags, nylons and other concerned household items. 

The process of manufacturing this wood-plastic outdoor flooring solution is easy and begins in a factory. Engineers combined the plastic bags (after being shredded) and wood dust with a bonding agent and heated the mixture. Before heating, they will ensure they add pigment and UV inhibitor to make the colour last longer. When the boards are ready, they are distributed to be used as composite decking. 

What Is Patio Pavers?

Unlike composite wood decking that contains wood and plastic, patio pavers are a concrete material made by combining cement with sand and water. Most patio pavers makers add finely grained gravel to the mixture during production to achieve strong paving for outdoor space. 

Choosing the Right Flooring Material for Backyard

One thing about composite decking and patio pavers is that they are both durable. This implies that if you install any of them, you will enjoy the flooring for a long time. Garden owners that don’t know what to look for when selecting an outdoor flooring material will find it difficult to select composite decking or patio pavers. Here are some features of bother materials that will help you. Let’s commence with composite wood decking. 

Features of Composite Decking

should you install decking or patio pavers

The features of a composite deck are things you will enjoy when you install it in your backyard. 

Composite Decking Yield a Higher Resale Value

The value an outdoor flooring material add to your property matters. If you install timber, you will realize that it will add less value. But if you install plastic wood decking, it will add value to your home. The value wood-plastic composite add can be felt when you want to resale it. Plastic wood decking is attractive and long-lasting; that is why any homeowner will like to pay more for a home that has it installed in it. 

Composite Decking Is Versatile in Design

Plastic wood composite comes in lots of attractive pigments. That is an advantage it has over other flooring materials. And the good part of plastic wood decking is that you can customize it to look like timber. Wood-grain composite looks like lumber, and it is difficult to tell the difference. Composite decking attractive colour will match the outdoor space of your home and other structures in it. 

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of composite decking is another reason garden owners should select it. With less stress, garden owners can easily take care of their patio without spending extra cash. 

Features of Patio Pavers

should i install patio pavers

They Can Last Longer

When you install patio pavers in your garden, you should expect them to last longer than wood. Since patio pavers are made of concrete, they will not rot, splinter or break like lumber decking. They offer the perfect outdoor flooring solution for any outdoor space. 

Patio Pavers Are Easy to Maintain

Like composite decking, patio pavers are easy to maintain when installing them in your outdoor space. This implies that garden owners can, with less effort, clean their patio without spending additional cash. 

Composite Decking vs Patio Pavers, Which Should I Install?

Garden owners that want outdoor flooring that looks beautiful can install composite decking. Although composite wood decking has similar attributes to patio pavers, you will find it aesthetically pleasing, and it will pass its value to your property. 


Should you install composite decking or patio pavers? The best outdoor flooring solution is patio pavers. It will increase your property value, and it is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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