Do you have an extra piece of land in your backyard that you can convert into a garden? Is your backyard small, and you don’t know what to do in it? Most homeowners think owning a garden requires having a large parcel of land and planting trees and flowers in it. This write-up highlights small garden ideas with composite decking. And it helps you convert that small space behind your home to a lovely garden where you can relax. 

Why You Need a Decking in Your Garden

A decking provides space for you and your family to relax on. When you install decking in your garden, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors right on the decking. But installing decking is not just that thing; installing the right decking material is crucial. It is because not all decking will last longer. There are various outdoor decking available, and each decking type has a lifespan that makes it better than the other. Wood decking will last for about 15 years.

Small Garden Ideas with Composite Decking

 It means that owners of timber decking will enjoy their decking for that time. Composite decking is another outdoor flooring that is best for any garden. Unlike wood that lasts for only 15 years, composite will last for more than 25 years with less upkeep. The essence of installing durable decking is for you to spend every moment enjoying the decking. This is crucial to homeowners that want to invest in designing their garden. An attractive garden that has composite decking will add value to your home. 

The more durable the decoding material, the more value it adds to your home. With composite decking, you can easily convert your garden into a modern one. This is easy if you install the second-generation composite boards that have bright colours. These boards come in a large variety of surface pigment that makes where it is installed beautiful. That is why adding or installing composite decking is part of the small garden ideas.

Adding a Composite Fence

Another small garden idea that matches with composite decking is to add a composite fence to your garden. Composite fences have similar features to composite decking. Aside from being durable, composite fences are attractive, like wood-plastic decking. This feature is crucial if you desire to create a contemporary garden with composite material. 

Just think of the beauty composite decking, and fencing will add to your garden when you install both in it. And a composite fence does not need a large space to install. A wood-plastic fence is perfect for small spaces as well as large spaces. Like composite decking, you can select any surface pigment that you want for your fencing panels. You can install grey decking and grey fencing to create a colour match in your garden. 

Adding Composite Cladding

Adding composite cladding is another small garden idea. Cladding is a covering made for the exterior wall of a home. Adding a cladding to your home will ensure that moisture will not infiltrate your wall. A beautiful cladding like attractive fencing and decking will create the perfect scenery for relaxation. It is possible if your home is close to your garden and you installed the fence and the decking close to the cladding. With the three composites, you can create a consistent theme. 

Adding Flowers and Grasses

Flowers can make a dull garden lively. That is why your small garden idea with composite decking must include planting beautiful flowers.  Homeowners can plant flowers in their garden or hang the flowers on structures all over the garden. Your fence is a good spot to hang flowers on. Get a flower basket and attach a long rope to it that will make you hang the flower on your fence. Aside from that, you can get flower pots and put your flowers in them. Homeowners can paint their flower pots so that the surface pigment matches that of their cladding, decking and fencing. 

Put Your Grill on the Decking

Another small garden idea with composite decking is to put your grill on your decking. Homeowners that love the outdoors know the value of having a barbecue on their composite decking with their family. You can put your grill on your wood-plastic decking so that having a barbecue on it will be easier.


There are several small garden ideas with composite decking that homeowners can explore. Aside from adding wood-plastic dealing, you can add cladding and fencing to your garden.

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