Composite lumber is the best outdoor flooring material you can use to floor your garden or yard. This decking material is also known as composite decking, plastic wood decking, and wood-plastic composite. Selecting the best composite lumber is difficult for some homeowners because they know little about it. To choose the best composite lumber for your outdoor flooring project, you must read this write-up to the end. We have compiled several tips for choosing the best composite lumber.

What Is Composite Lumber?

Composite lumber is a durable outdoor flooring material. The material composition of composite lumber is wood and plastic. The wood engineers used to make composite lumber is leftover wood dust. At the same time, the plastic is recycled or used plastic. Homeowners consider composite lumber to be environmentally friendly because of its material composition. Unlike wood decking, composite lumber is a synthetic material. 

And the best part of composite lumber features is that it is stronger and better than timber decking. Engineers created composite lumber to solve the problems of wood decking. Ever since engineers created composite decking, its popularity has been increasing. To reap all the benefits of composite lumber, you have to choose the right one that matches your garden and environment. 

Choose Your Composite Lumber with this Few Tips

Consider Your Budget

When planning your outdoor flooring project, you have to look beyond the decking material you will use and consider your budget. Your budget is how much you are prepared to spend to purchase the composite lumber. Most homeowners have a large garden and a large budget, while others have a small budget. If you are tight on moolah, you can select composite lumber boards with simple designs. 

But if you have enough budget, you can go for the best composite lumber design. Composite lumber with a simple design will have a smooth surface and might be uncapped. Slip-resistant composite lumber and capped composite lumber are more expensive than smooth surface composite decking. Your budget also determines how large your composite lumber project will be. If you have a small budget, you can plan a small decking. But if you have a large budget, you can plan a composite decking with designs. 

Select the Best Composite Lumber Texture

best composite lumber

The texture of your composite lumber matters. Some homeowners prefer grey, brown, or black composite lumber. Others want composite lumber that looks like timber. This kind of composite lumber will give homeowners that love timber the impression that their composite lumber is wood. So if you prefer the composite lumber that looks like wood, you have to select the wood grain composite decking. Note that composite lumber with a wood grain surface might cost more. 

Consider Wet Environment

Do you dwell in a wet environment? Installing smooth surface composite lumber will make it easy for you to slip when you walk on the exterior of your composite decking when it is wet. The best composite lumber option for a wet environment is slip-resistant or anti-slip composite decking. This decking kind has lines on its surface that stop you from sliding on the surface of your composite lumber. To counter wet conditions, you can plan to install a pergola on the top of your composite lumber. A pergola with a roof on top reduces moisture on your composite decking surface. Slip-resistant composite lumber is also useful if you have kids that play on top of your composite decking. 

Consider High Temperature

High temperature also affects composite lumber. If you dwell in hot places, you should install a decking that has a light colour. Grey, brown, oak, black, and silver are examples of light coloured composite lumber. Dark colour composite lumber is not good at reflecting sunlight. This kind of composite lumber will absorb the heat and get hot, extremely hot to the extent that working on your composite lumber will be impossible. So, for hot places, light coloured composite lumber is the best option. Ensure to remember this crucial tip.

Grooved or Ungrooved

Whether you select grooved or ungrooved composite lumber depends on the kind of finish that you want. Grooved composite lumber will give you a clean finish with the clips concealed, while ungrooved composite lumber will give you a rough finish. Most homeowners opted for grooved composite lumber and found it interesting.


There are numerous tips for choosing the best composite lumber. You should consider your budget, the texture, the environment, the colour, and the finish before choosing composite lumber that matches your outdoor project.

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