If you want a decking that will last long, try composite decking. Also, if you desire aesthetically attractive decking, composite is the right choice. The best material to use for anything decking in a garden is composite. Garden owners have been using plastic wood decking for a long time now, and it will remain that way. This is because composite decking has lots of benefits to its use. One benefit of wood-plastic composite is its beautiful colours. When you go to a supplier, you will discover that plastic wood decking has various colours that you can select from. This can be a problem for garden owners that don’t know which colour to select. This write-up contains tips for choosing the right composite decking colour. 

Main Points: This post explains what garden owners should consider when selecting a deck colour for their home. The various tips are: 

  • Consider how much sun your yard will get,
  • Consider your home style,
  • Consider the undertone,
  • Select a deck with good visual transition, 
  • Order samples, 
  • Place deck colours properly.

Selecting the Right Deck Colour

Consider How Much Sun Your Yard Will Get

How much sun your garden gets matters when selecting the right composite decking colour. If you receive lots of sunlight in your garden, you will know that objects in it are prone to get hot. This implies that the deck will get hot when you install decking in a garden with much sunlight. A hot deck is not comfortable to sit on or use for your outdoor activities. So, if you dwell in a place where your decking receives much sun, you should consider installing light-coloured plastic wood decking. 

Darker colour decking is not the right option for a hot place because it will absorb heat and becomes hot. It is just like wearing ab dark cloth on a hot day vs wearing a light cloth. The dark cloth will absorb the sun and make you uncomfortable when it becomes hot, while the light cloth will not absorb much sunlight. If you prefer dark-coloured plastic wood decking, you should consider installing a shade to prevent the sun from reaching the surface. 

Consider Your Home Style

Your home style matters when selecting composite decking boards. If you build your home with brick, you can consider choosing reddish-brown plastic wood decking. This will create a good colour theme to blend with your house. Gray decking with a blue undertone will look attractive if you use it in an urban setting. Also, if your home design is modern, you can use a colour like grey to create a good theme. If your home is Mediterranean style, you can use decking boards with a dark shade of brown for the patio. The most common composite decking colour is grey and brown. This is because those colours pair beautifully with any home. 

Consider the Undertone

A decking colour can have a cool or warm undertone when you install it. Red, yellow and orange composite decking produce a warm undertone. While green, violet and blue produce a cooler undertone. Grey is considered to produce a neutral undertone, but it can also produce a cool or warm undertone. So, to ensure that your home and composite decking colour harmonize, you have to select a colour that produces the same undertone. 

Select a Decking with Good Visual Transition

When selecting a composite decking colour, you should select one similar to your home floor colour. This is so that when you walk from your home to your decking, the colour contrast will not be great. You can easily transform when walking on a deck that has the same colour as your home floor. This will reduce the visual disconnect between your home interior and your plastic wood decking and create a more upscale and harmonized appearance. 

selecting the right decking colour

Order a Sample 

Before confirming your composite decking order, you should first order a sample. This will enable you to know what the decking look like in real life. Place the sample you ordered in your garden and look at it at night and during the day to ensure it is right for you. So, instead of just viewing the decking on a computer, you should order samples. 


The tips for choosing the right composite decking colour are:

  • Consider how much sun your yard will get.
  • Consider your home style.
  • Consider the undertone.
  • Select a decking with a good visual transition.
  • Order a sample. 

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