Every homeowner yearns for a beautiful outdoor space. Decorating your garden will not only add beauty to your home but will also increase the worth or value of your home. One way homeowners can make their home beautiful is by installing a decking. Composite decking is the right kind of outdoor flooring because it is beautiful and lasts longer than timber. To enjoy your composite decking, you have to ensure that you maintain it well. This write-up contains tips on how to increase your composite decking lifespan.

Build the Frame of Your Composite Decking the Right Way

One tip to increasing the lifespan of your composite decking is to build the frame the right way. The frame or joists of your decking refers to the substructure that lifts it from the ground and serves as its foundation. Most homeowners use wood for their composite decking joist. Using timber from the joists is a good idea, but remember that composite decking will last longer than timber.

 This implies that if you build your decking frame with wood, the wood will rot long before your composite decking. And when it does, your plastic wood decking will collapse. To avoid this, some homeowners use aluminium as their decking frame. But aluminium is too expensive for most homeowners. A cheaper alternative is to use treated wood for your composite decking joists. Treated wood is still wood, but it has chemicals that make it firm and resistant to moisture and other natural elements. 

Since treated wood will last longer than untreated timber, it will ensure that your decking will not collapse quickly. Aside from using treated wood, you should leave the right amount of space between the joists. Leaving too much space can make your composite decking boards cave in when you walk on them. For residential areas, the recommended spacing is 16 centimetres. 

Clean Your Composite Decking to Increase the Lifespan

Increase decking lifespan

Maintenance is essential for the survival of your composite decking. Most homeowners think that their decking doesn’t need maintenance because it is a durable material. Composite wood decking is like other materials that require a good cleaning to make the surface clean. Cleaning the top of your composite wood decking is one way to maintain the decking. Aside from cleaning your decking, you might have to brush off mould or green algae if they are on your decking. 

Plastic wood decking is resistant to algae growth, but due to no maintenance, algae or mould can grow on your decking. To remove algae or mould, you have to scrub the top of your decking with a brush and soapy water. When cleaning your composite decking, you have to use power water the right way if you are using one. To increase the lifespan of your decking, don’t bring the tip of the power washer too close to the surface of your composite decking. Doing that will peel off the top layer of your decking and void the warranty.  

Don’t Put Heavy Objects on Your Decking.

Heavy objects can make your composite decking collapse. If you yearn to increase the lifespan of your decking, you have to reduce the weight of the materials you put on the decking. Homeowners have tried to create the interior of their homes on their decking. To do this, they bring out their sofa and table. Some have even set a dining space on their decking.

To make their composite decking functional, some homeowners have installed an outdoor kitchen on their composite decking. Most of these outdoor gadgets are heavy and can make your plastic wood decking collapse. You can put a lightweight, ready to assemble kitchen on your wood-plastic decking. Also, you can reduce the number of chairs and tables you put on the top of your plastic wood decking.

Avoid Scratching the Surface of Your Composite Decking

Homeowners will scratch the surface of their plastic wood decking if they drag heavy objects on top of the decking. Plastic wood decking is unlike wood decking that can be painted when it is scratched. Since composite decking comes with a long-lasting colour, dragging heavy objects on the surface is a bad idea. Scratches will automatically void the warranty of your composite decking and can be difficult to remove. So, if you yearn to boost the lifespan of your composite decking, you should ensure you don’t scratch the top.


There are innumerable tips on how to increase the lifespan of your composite decking. You should build your decking frame or join the right way. Also, you would clean the top of your composite decking and avoid scratching and putting heavy objects on your decking.

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