Caring for your composite decking is one way to make it last longer. But homeowners are confused because they don’t know how to go about the care. The good thing about composite wood decking is that it is easy to maintain or care for. Other decking types like wood require laborious care. Most homeowners are familiar with timber decking and don’t know how to care for their composite wood decking. This write-up explains the various tips to care for composite wood decking.

Always Sweep Your Composite Wood Decking Regularly

Sweeping your decking is one way to care for it. This decking maintenance task might appear simple, but it is the best way to keep your composite decking free of debris and other organic matters. Most homeowners buy their composite decking with the hope that they don’t have to maintain it after. But that is not right because wood-plastic composite needs constant maintenance; this maintenance is simple. When you sweep dust or debris from your decking, the surface will be free of anything that might make it dirty. 

Remove Leaves and Tree Branches

You have to remove leaves or tree branches from the surface of your composite decking if you install it outdoors. As a decking owner, you should ensure that tree branches or pollen don’t decay on your decking surface. This will attract mould and mildew, which might distort the attractive colour of your decking. 

Remove Snow from Your Composite Wood Decking Top

Snow and ice can impede movement when they are on your decking. The best way to keep your composite wood decking free of snow is to remove it with a shovel. To ensure that the shovel did not scratch the surface of your decking, you should use a plastic shovel. When snow is on your composite wood decking, it will make it difficult for you to pass. Also, snow and ice will create additional weight on your decking, which might make it collapse. 

Redirect Rain

Another tip for caring for composite decking is to redirect rain or downpour from the roof of your home. Rain splashes can cause the surface of your composite decking to absorb moisture if you install the first-generation decking. Aside from that, rainwater dropping on your wood-plastic decking will not provide a good experience when you are relaxing on it. The best way to make your plastic wood decking last longer if you dwell in wet places is to reduce the amount of water that comes in contact with its surface. And you can do that by redirecting rain from touching the surface of your decking.

Use Woven Rugs

Tips to Care for Composite Wood Decking

This might not seem like a way to maintain your decking, but it is. Using rugs on your decking will prevent the surface from scratches. This is true if you place objects like tables and chairs on the top of your composite wood decking. Dragging a table or chair on your plastic wood decking surface will leave marks that will be difficult to clean. The best kinds of rugs to use on composite decking are woven rugs with a soft base. Plastic base rugs will do a poor job because they will leave marks on the surface of your decking. So, when you place the table or chair, you should put them on the rug.

Scrub Your Composite Decking

One way to keep your composite decking free from grease is to scrub it. If you discover oil or if wine spill on your wood-plastic decking, a brush, and soapy water will do the task of restoring the appearance. Add the soapy water to the wine spill, and use your brush to scrub along the grain of the decking. When you fail to remove leave or other organic matter from your decking surface, it will lead to mould growth. If you discover mould on the surface of your wood-plastic decking, no worries, you can remove it. You can easily remove mould by scrubbing it the way you scrub a wine stain. Just ensure that you rinse the top of your wood-plastic decking after scrubbing.

Unclog Gaps in Your Composite Boards

When installing composite wood decking, you have to leave gaps between the boards because of expansion and contraction. Dirt and pollen might hide in the gaps. So, one tip for caring for your composite wood decking is to unclog the gaps by removing dirt and pollens. This will ensure that mould does not thrive on your decking.


There are various tips to care for composite wood decking. You should sweep the surface of your plastic wood decking and scrub it if wine or grease stain it. This will ensure that your composite decking lasts longer.

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