Your composite decking is more than just an extension of your house. When installed and positioned properly, a composite deck can be the best outdoor space for your activities. But there is more to installing plastic wood decking. If you desire to raise the value of your property, wood-plastic composite is the right material for the job. Plastic wood decking adds beauty to a home, and this beauty will last as long as you maintain the deck properly. But most homeowners fail to maintain their deck, that it becomes unattractive. This write-up explains various tips to make your composite decking look new all year round. 

Making Your Composite Decking Look New – Six Easy Ways

A new decking does not only provide a space for your outdoor activities, but it adds aesthetic value to your home. After continuous use, a composite deck can become less attractive and even get damage. This van happen if garden owners fail to take good care of their patio. A deck is like other household structure that needs cleaning. Homeowners must clean their household furniture to make it look new; else, it will decay or degrade. A deck need constant attention. Garden owners must inspect their patio for signs of wear, drainage issues and organic matters decomposing on it. The six easy ways of ensuring that your composite decking looks new all year-round are: 

  • Clean food debris immediately,
  • Don’t use sharp objects on your decking, 
  • Prevent tannins,
  • Be cautious with fire,
  • Remove oil and grease spills,
  • Inspect your deck. 

When garden owners take their time to do all these six tips, they will ensure that their plastic wood decking retains its beautiful appearance all year round. Now let’s consider the six tips to know how to maintain a deck properly.  

Clean Food Debris Immediately

Did you note when you should clean food debris on your plastic wood decking? Immediately! Yes, if you discover food debris on your patio after eating on it, you should not hesitate to sweep your decking. Most garden deck owners fail to recognize the good effect a simple cleaning or sweeping will do on a deck. Decking owners that spend a few minutes a day sweeping their decking will discover that what seems to be a little action is not little. Decaying food can have a bad effect on your wood-plastic composite decking. 

Of course, engineers made plastic wood decking strong and to resist the elements of weather. But if deck owners fail to take proper care of their patio, it will gradually lose its strength. And that is true regarding wood-plastic composite. Decaying food can cause mould and mildew to grow on the surface of your plastic wood deck. So, to prevent mould infestation, decking owners must clean food debris immediately.

Tips to Making Your Composite Decking Look New all Year Round

Don’t Use Sharp Objects on Your Decking

Sharp objects can scratch the surface of your wood-plastic composite. That is why deck owners must be cautious when using sharp objects on their patio. If there is snow on your wood-plastic decking, you should remove it carefully. One way garden owners can remove snow from their deck is by using a shovel. But the kind of shovel you use on your plastic wood decking matters. Iron edge shovels will scratch your deck surface and make it less attractive. So, if you want your plastic wood decking to look good all year round, use a rubber edge shovel to remove snow. 

Prevent Tannins

To prevent tannins on your composite deck, you must ensure that you remove organic materials that get stuck in the gaps between your plastic wood decking. Use a soft broom, spatula or garden hose to clean all the gaps between your deck when sweeping the surface. 

Be Cautious with Fire

If you put a grill or fire stand on your plastic wood decking, you should be careful, so that the fire does not come in direct contact with your patio. Ensure that you place an insulator on your deck before you place a grill or fire stand.

Remove Oil and Grease

If you desire a decking that will look new all year round, you must clean oil and grease spills immediately. Oil and grease can stick to the top of plastic wood decking. So, use a soft brush to take away oil to make your deck look new. 

Inspect Your Deck

Decking owners must schedule a time to inspect their composite decking. When you examine your plastic wood decking, you will discover fault earlier and take steps to repair your deck. 


The tips to making your composite decking look new all year round are:

  • Clean food debris.
  • Don’t use sharp objects.
  • Prevent tannins.
  • Be careful with fire.
  • Remove oil and inspect your decking. 

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