Composite decking is becoming popular these days because homeowners have discovered the benefits of using it. There are still some homeowners that have various questions to help them make up their mind. Here are the top 11 composite decking FAQ frequently asked questions. 

  1. What Is a Composite Decking?
Top 11 Composite Decking FAQs

Composite decking is an outdoor flooring or decking material. That, our reader, is the answer to the question. To give you more detail, you should know that composite decking is the perfect replacement for wood decking. We shall come to the difference between wood and composite decking later.

  1. What Is Composite Decking Made Of?

Makers of composite decking make it with wood fibre and plastic. The wood fibre and plastic are recycled materials. So instead of throwing them away, makers of composite decking will take the material to a factory where they will mix them with an adhesive and heat them until it solidifies. The makers of composite decking will cut the resultant composite decking boards into shape so that you can use them to make the decking.

  1. How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

Composite decking or plastic wood decking last longer than wood decking. That is for sure. Depending on the grade of composite decking that you are using, they can last for 10 or 25 years. CompositeWarehouse Uk has two types of composite decking. They have Timeless collections of composite decking that last for 25 years.

 Also, their Essential collection of composite decking lasts for ten years. So, you can see that the warranty for composite decking depends on the grade. Another thing that affects the guarantee of composite decking is the way you install the decking. If you install your composite decking properly following the set guidelines, the decking will last for a long time.

  1. What Are The Various Kinds of Composite Decking?

There are different types of composite decking. You can get the grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Grooved composite decking has hollows at the side that makes it possible for you to install them with clips and fasteners.

grooved outdoor decking

Ungrooved composite decking does not have holes, and you cannot install it with hooks and pins. Aside from that, there is the capped and uncapped composite decking. Capped decking has an extra layer of protection that makes it absorb less water. Uncapped composite decking does not have an extra layer of plastic. 

  1. What Colour Is Available?

There are different colours of composite decking available. This bestows you the power to choose a colour that suits you. Also, you can create a consistent theme by buying composite decking, fencing, and cladding of the same colour.

Anthracite grey outdoor decking

At CompositeWarehouse, you can get grey, dark-grey, anthracite grey, brown, dark-brown, oak, and dark oak. Also, you can be creative with your composite decking by buying plastic wood decking boards of different colours. Then, you can mix the colours to create a beautiful surface.

  1. What Is the Difference Between Hollow and Solid Composite Decking?

Hollow plastic wood decking boards have hollows or holes in them. Unlike grooved decking that has channels at the sides, hollow cavities run from one edge to another. Solid composite decking does not have holes inside the boards. The notable difference between open and solid is that hollow decking is lighter than solid decking. It is because of the holes they have in them. 

  1.  Does Composite Decking Require Maintenance?

This is one of composite decking FAQs. Composite decking is like other structural material that requires maintenance. So, you have to maintain your composite decking so that it will last long. The kind of care that you will give composite decking is not the same as the one you will provide wood decking. All you should do to maintain your composite decking is to sweep it with a broom. If there is grease or oil stain, you can use a soft brush and soapy water to scrub the decking. Wood decking, on the other hand, requires sanding, sealing, staining or painting to make it last longer. 

  1. Can I Paint or Stain Composite Decking?

This is another composite decking FAQs. Although not recommended, you can paint or stain your composite decking. You can do this when your decking is old or when you have used the decking for a long time. Also, if your decking is badly scratched or stained, you can use paint to conceal the scratch.

  1. Can I Cut Composite Decking Boards?

You can cut your composite decking boards when installing them. It is because you can work with composite decking efficiently.

  1.  Can I Install Composite Decking Myself?

You can install composite decking yourself if you are a handy person. You should be able to use the various tools like a saw, measuring tape, and drilling machine.

installing outdoor decking

Also, you should be able to do some calculation before you start installing the boards.

  1.  Does Composite Decking Expand and Contract?

Composite decking expands and contracts when you expose them to fluctuating temperature. The board extend toward the sides. That is why you should leave at least a 5 mm gap between the composite decking boards.

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