There are lots of decking materials that you can use to build decking. One of such materials is composite decking. Composite decking has lots of benefits that make it the right material to use of your decking. When building decking in your home, we recommend that you use top-grade composite decking boards that will last long. What are the benefits of using top-grade composite decking boards?

Low Maintenance

To understand the benefits of composite decking boards, we will compare them with wood decking. One main benefit of a top-grade composite decking board is that it is easy to maintain. With just a cloth or a brush, you can clean your composite decking. 

top-grade decking boards are easy to maintain

Also, removing dirt like mud or mould from the top of your decking is easy. If you want to remove mud from the surface of your composite decking, you should use a hose or a power washer. Aside from hose, you can simply wipe the mud off the surface of your decking with a cloth. 

If you discover mould or mildew on your composite decking, you can easily scrub mould off. With composite decking, you can use vinegar or a simple soap to remove mould and mildew. Just spray the vinegar or soap on your decking surface and scrub with a soft brush. 

The maintenance process of timber or wood decking is different from composite decking. Timber decking requires sanding, painting or staining. Also, maintaining timber decking will cost you lots of cash since you have to purchase the paint or stain and it will waste your time. 

The annoying thing about timber decking is that you have to carry out this maintenance process yearly. This implies that with wood decking, you will spend much time taking care of it. But with composite decking, you will spend your time enjoying your decking. 

Material Composition

Top grade composite decking boards are made of wood dust and plastic. Timber decking contains only lumber. Most timber decking is treated with chemicals so that they will last long. Top grade composite decking boards do not need chemicals and they will last longer than timber decking. 

The benefit of composite decking material composition is that it makes it resistant to insect attack. Being a synthetic material, composite decking will resist termites better than wood decking. Insects like termite eat lumber because it is termite food. But termites will not eat composite decking because it has plastic which is not food for insects. Also, top-grade composite decking boards have plastic coated surfaces. 

The plastic-coated surface of composite decking boards makes it resistant to the elements of nature. This implies that fluctuating temperature, moisture and snow will not affect your composite decking boards. Moisture will easily damage wood decking because it will take in lots of water. Also, when the temperature changes, timber decking will expand and splinter. 

Timeless Colour

Another benefit of a top-grade composite decking board is that the colour or surface pigment will last for a long time. Composite decking boards have a timeless surface texture that will not fade quickly. The colour of composite decking is applied to the boards during the process of production. 

Wood decking must be painted or stained with a good paint to make it look good. Paint or stain fades away quickly when you build your composite decking in the sun. This means that you have to paint or stain your timber decking regularly if you want it to look good. Top grade composite decking does not need regular painting because you don’t have to paint it in the first place. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

top-grade decking boards with attractive colours

Another benefit of top-grade composite decking boards is that they are attractive when you install them. Unlike wood decking that has only the traditional wood look, composite decking comes in various colours that add value to your outdoor space. you can pick grey, black, brown and anthracite grey composite decking for your outdoor project.

Non-slip Surface

top-grade decking boards with non-slip surface

Top grade composite decking boards have a slip-resistant surface texture that makes you walk on the decking without falling. A non-slip composite decking board has a coarse wood grain finish or tiny lines on top of their decking. This will provide friction for your feet when you walk on it and it will prevent you from falling.


Installing top-grade composite decking boards in your back garden is the best thing to do. Top grade composite decking boards are easy to maintain, resistant to insects and aesthetically pleasing. 

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