There are lots of fencing materials out there in the market. If you want to install top-grade fencing materials, it might be confusing to choose one the first time. To select a top-grade fencing material, you have to consider their attributes to discern the best. One such fencing material is composite fencing. Another fencing material is PVC fencing. And then there is wood fencing. 

1. Composite Fencing Material

Composite fencing is one kind of fencing material that you can use to cover your yard. It is one of the best top grade fencing material. The material composition of this fencing material is wood fibre and plastic. Makers of composite fencing mix the timber and recycled plastic and then heat the mixture in a factory till it forms composite fencing panels. Another name for composite fencing is plastic wood fencing.

 The advantages of composite fencing materials are numerous. One of them is that you can maintain your composite fencing material easily without spending lots of cash. When you install composite fencing, you will be able to save your cash. All you should do when you want to maintain your composite fencing is use a water hose to spray the mud off your fence’s body. 

Top Grade Fencing Materials

After you wish to wipe out sticky stains like oil or grease, you will need a brush and soapy water. Composite fencing material doesn’t require staining or painting like wood fencing. You don’t have to seal your composite fencing because it will not absorb lots of water. 

Aside from that, composite fencing is durable and firm. This is one reason it will last longer than a timber fence. The durability of composite fencing is one reason it will resist insect and weather. So, if the temperature changes, composite fencing will not break or warp. Also, composite fencing will not swell or rot.

When you install composite fencing material in your yard or garden, it will add beauty and create a contemporary garden. There are several colours of composite fencing panels that you can get in the store. Those colours will last longer and will not scratch or fade like that of a wood fence. This means you don’t have to stain your composite fencing the way you will stain a wood fence. 

      2. Plastic Fencing Material

Like composite fencing material, PVC fencing is better and more durable than wood. It is another top-grade fencing material. But it does not contain timber as part of its material composition. Instead, PVC fencing contains 100% plastic. The good side of 100% plastic is that you can maintain it effortlessly like composite fencing.

 If there is dirt or soil on the surface of your plastic fence, you have to use a hose to remove it. Also, wiping away oil from the body of your plastic fencing is easy. A brush and soapy water will do the job of cleaning your plastic fencing. Another advantage of plastic fencing is that it is resistant to weather and insect.

This means that termite will not attack your PVC fencing like it will attack wood. Aside from termites, rain and snow will not damage your PVC fencing. The colour of plastic fencing is another reason to consider it as a top-grade fencing material. It will not fade but last longer than wood fencing. 

       3.  Wood Fencing Material

Another fencing material is wood or timber fencing. Unlike composite and plastic fencing, wood fencing is not a top-grade fencing material. But homeowners are still using wood fencing today. Some prefer timber because of its traditional wood appearance. If you want a top grade fencing material that looks like wood, you can select composite fencing. 

This is because composite fencing comes in wood grain surface texture that gives it the traditional timber appearance. The timber fencing material is not good for various reasons. It is difficult for you to take care of or maintain your wood fencing. Aside from cleaning, you must paint or stain your timber fencing else it will lose it durability.

 Also, wood fencing requires sanding and sealing aside from the staining that you will give it. The timber fencing material is not pleasant to look at when you installed it around your yard. Also, wood fencing will not last long because is it not durable like composite fencing material.


There are lots or plenty of fencing materials out there in the market. If you want a top-grade fencing material that will last long. You should install composite fencing. 

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